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The hardest word




What's the hardest word?

 What's the hardest word that u can say it to a human? and from the bottom of your heart?

 Many choices: I'm sorry,I love you, I hate you, I can't, Forgive me.

 you can pick one and see what word is harder and why is it hard for you?

02:31 PM Apr 25 2008 |

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if you want to hurt hort someone the hardest word wil be i hate you because that person will take it very hard  , but aword that really hard for me to say to any one is i am sorry because it's very hard to confess that i am wrong .

03:59 PM Apr 25 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

actually the hardest word it will be i am sorry 

why??!! idon't know (=


what is your hardest word ??!!!

04:44 PM Apr 25 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

all of them can be hard, it depend on the situation !!

I love you : hard to say it when you know that the love will be just from one side!

I hate you : hard to say it coz it can hurt his or her emotions!

I can't : hard to say it for someone you want to do anything for him or her but the request he or she wanted can effect in others badly!~ 

I am sorry : hard to say it when you know your mistakes !

forgive Me : hard to say it when you know that you did something wrong and wanna from someone to forget what you did !

My hardest word is " i can't trust you anymore " (( i couldn't tell her until now and i don't think that i will do )) it's for a friend who i never ever though her like that ! but, day by day and we are discovering many things which have been hiddening from our eyes !!

thanks =) see ya

05:06 PM Apr 25 2008 |




I think am sorry it will be hard when you did a big mistake to your dearest friend,,am sorry won't be enough.

06:35 PM Apr 25 2008 |



I love you so much Angel!
Because everyone loves Angel!
Because I'm an Angel too!
Let's love each other from both side. :)

06:02 AM Apr 26 2008 |