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Do you live in 'real' democratic country?



South Korea

I'm from South Korea, that is Republic of Korea.

As you know, (or you could don't know) S.Korea is one of the democratic countries.

S.Korea fighted against dictatorship in 1960s, 70s and against the military authorities in 80s.

And Korea finally achieved democracy in 90s. And I'm the benefiter of history.


However, yesterday I'm shocked while surfing the internet news related 'Bejing Olympic 2008"

In news said, There was physical conflicts between Chinese students studying in Korea and

those who shout anti-war(including those who object to China government constraining Tibet.) when

2008 Bejing Olympic torch's moving in s.Korea.

I think naturally both have a right to express own opinion at first.

But When I read the news, I can't understand Chinese students' violence to people.

In my opinion, it's against principles of democracy.

 related pic

  pic exp : 'Kick to anti-China demostrationer' April 27, chinese students were beating one civil who was against "Olympic Torch Ceremony" in Olympic park in Seoul. The police took him to the hospital.


Do you think that I live in a 'real' democratic country? And do you live in 'real' democratic country?

05:36 AM Apr 28 2008 |

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I think my country is not real democratic country (if the meaning of democratic is same as in Liberal countries , such as USA). But my country is growing up to be democratic country ! now people can protest our government if we don't agree with their policy, and my gov usually will consider our objections. ofcourse not at all, but at least it's better than nothing doing.

06:51 AM Apr 28 2008 |




can i ask a personal question,

do you socialice with chinese ppl around you? do you talk about politic with them?, i mean, as you in china, not behind a screem, with real ppls.

plz dont take it as a offense. im just curious 

07:52 AM Apr 28 2008 |



Why the South korea and North Korea have such difference?Smile

08:11 AM Apr 28 2008 |



South Korea

pop272001/ Yes! you're right! It's important not 'where it is' but 'where it will be'.  As you said, it's better than do nothing at least. I was heard that in indonesia, corruption's still available a little easily than Korea from my univ. freind. In that surroudings, it's important to realize the things and make a right shout to gov, at least just thinking that, as like you're doing. :)



AngelSmile/ I think that it's quiet great freedom to surf internet and share your thought with us, ebaby ppl. Maybe UAE is also in 'right' way. :)



MarkChina/ Yeah. I agree. There's no 100% democratic country in world. and actually it's difficult to know exactly 'What is democracy'. However, in my opinion it's apparent that 'real' democracy must respect each individual involving it's feelings, expressions, opinions. rights. etc. and Thanks for your concern too. Perhaps that's because China Media didn't deal with this problem on purpose

12:17 PM Apr 28 2008 |



United States

I know people who were at the torch ceremony in South Korea. Everything went smooth, being just a regualr person on the street. Protests in South Korea routinely tend to be violent affairs, kind of a legacy from the bad days of the military dictatorship.

I was shocked to see the photo of the Chinese person kicking the Korean person. There was some discussion among the expats living in Korea as to how Korean people would react to this – a Chinese person kicking a Korean person in public in Korea for expressing their opinion.

WIth the exception of a few incidents, the torch relay went very well.

魑魅魍魉—> Well, the short answer is North Korea is a Satlinist dictartorship where people are totured, imprisoned, and killed for doing anything the government dissaproves of. Also, everyone there is starving and the capital city is an empty shell of a ghost town. Whereas South Korea is one of the wealtheist and most advanced countries on the planet, and Seoul is the second most populated metropolitan area on earth. Also, there very few Chinese people living in North Korea and those that live there would be too terrified to commit acts o f violence.

Did you notice how few people were at the Torch relay in North Korea, in the middle of the capital? Olympic Park in South Korea was full of people, my friends said you couldn't move from one end to the other.

05:10 PM Apr 28 2008 |



My country, Mexico is a democratic nation, at least that's what politicians say. I think it's not democratic, because rights of people arent be respected. Native, poor or good willing people are maltreated. That's my opinion.

05:31 PM Apr 28 2008 |



My country is supposedly democratic, but that's not true

There is not the people whom govern and take the desicions, but thier "agents" (politicians) almost always on behalf of the lesser group whom monopolize the immense richness of my countrie. Since the begining of Colombia, as an "independent" republic the land has been dreadfuly distributed on few people,while most of colombians suffer the rigour of poverty. In short, that wrong richness distribution is what causes the violence and conflict problems that are suffering my country today.

07:15 PM Apr 28 2008 |



South Korea


I'm so sorry for saying that. I'm serious. However, I didn't say 'not been democracy' is right way and I agree with you and cynthia too. But you should know that cynthia said just about 'where we are', not 'where we have to go'.


I said where we must go, and as I reply to pop272001, it's important not 'where we are' but 'which direction we are in' that is 'if we are in our way to 'democracy', in addition I mean maybe your country may be in that way because of you who realize and try to change.


Again Sorry for anoying you, if I did.

02:46 AM Apr 29 2008 |



I feel sorry for this…....


03:23 AM Apr 29 2008 |



South Korea

魑魅魍魉 @

thanks your post, and I clicked it. By the way, Would you explain or interpret the sentence on the pic for us? (I don't know well chinese, because I've just learned chinese only for 2 month.)


In case that sentences mean that "stones and equipment from Korea demostrationer to Chinese students" Please correct it..


That stones and cutting machine are things that Chinese Students threw to demonstrationers. And picture shows a korean explained that fact to the media.


I'm just sorry for this violent thing happen.T.T

04:04 AM Apr 29 2008 |