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Life Talk!

Let's see how a Tibeatan answered a foreign journalist.



A foreign journalist asked a local Tibetan:"Are you a Chinese or Tibetan?" and the interpretor accompaning was hesitant to interpret the question into Chinese. The journalist urged the interpretor to put the question into Chinese again and again. At last the interpretor had to interpret it.

Hearing the question,the local Tibetan answered without any hesitation, "I am a Chinese living in Tibet."

09:51 AM Apr 29 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

so he is chinese >>> clever answer thuogh

09:57 AM Apr 29 2008 |



I think a lot of local Tibetan will say it if someone ask them.

01:18 PM Apr 29 2008 |



Well, we thanks to DL, thanks to the western media bias, this time Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau, and mainland of China are all standing together, I have never seen we are so united before, this makes China more a family like..Im moved to tears, just like this T_T



04:21 AM Apr 30 2008 |



that's warm.

so,let's forget some one who keeps insulting….just ignore them,they are nothing but a fool

10:12 AM Apr 30 2008 |



United States

You probably shouldn't say "foreign" journalist, you should probably say where the journalist comes from. For English-speaking people it's considered disrespectful to not say the country the person is from. For instance, if a Chinese journalist came to the US, we would not describe him or her as a "foreign" journalist, but rather as a "Chinese" journalist. That shows equality, because after all we all come from a country. It seems egotistical to define another person in relation to oneself (after all, a foreigner is only a foreigner to you, in his country you are the foreigner). So it's best to be specific and remember what country the person comes from, the same way you would remember his or her last name.

Also, do Chinese people use "Westerner" and "Foreigner" interchangeably? For instance, are Japanese "foreigners"?

02:32 PM Apr 30 2008 |




Two westerners' Tibetan diary:


03:29 PM Apr 30 2008 |



United States

连喜 – Do these Westerners have a country?

I would love to make a show about two "Asian" persons perspective on the USA. We could take a Mongolian and a Cambodian. Afterwards, US netizens can sit around and debate about what the "Chinese" people said about the USA.


03:46 PM Apr 30 2008 |