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the love have youlost


Syrian Arab Republic

if the only man that  ihave loved betray me with another girls what i should to do …?  he is my first love

10:45 PM May 04 2008 |

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Si vis pecum para bellum! If U want to peace, ready to war! Heh..I mean, better U have another friend (boy) beside him, so if someday he betray U, U will not surprise and then U can say to him “U betrayed me?o’yea..and I also have another man, so we are same!”. (LOL, maybe that’s crazy idea, but at least U don’t feel headache too much when get your bf betrayed!).

12:00 AM May 05 2008 |



If you can forgive him, and you can rely on him after he betrayed you, fine. But if you will be suffering, thinking maybe he will betray you again, then should be better to break with him

01:01 AM May 05 2008 |




I think most of us would meet that like yours.  I have a different idea from Pop272001. Maybe it's a way to teach or revenge your boyfriend, but i think i think we should be responsible for our actions. If the man you choose was not the person you love, someday you would regret for it.

It's really sad and unacceptable when meeting such things, but on the other hand, you would be lucky that you leave a man who doesn't love you with his full heart.

best wishes to you.

01:39 AM May 05 2008 |




believe me, very easy to forget a betrayer than a kind person, although he was your an ex kind person. hope you soon forget him and find another. you are going to catch the best life with your family next, so imagine if you insist with the betrayer beside u, ouwh..terrible. so you in lucky condition to loss him. congratulations.

02:11 AM May 05 2008 |

Lin etual

Lin etual

Russian Federation

I think it all depends on how much you love him. True love must forgive everything. Men are like this, they’re poligamic by nature, and being in love with one person they can be with another…
What you’d better do is find out if he loves you or not!

03:52 AM May 05 2008 |



Don't care him,,,,,,,this is your live

04:51 AM May 05 2008 |


Viet Nam

Traiter must be treated. But it depend you. If you love him so much you can excuse him. But don't prove weakly and excuse right away. He will think "Ah she can be deprived me". If you let thing happen you will be loser. So you must have a time to give him a trial. But if he don't change. Say "Bye bye" to him. ^^

07:28 AM May 05 2008 |




Maybe it’s true that first love would be an unforgetable moment for anybody.my first love ended miserably.it affected me much.I hope you won’t experience the same…I think if he commited the same mistake over and over again,you’d better leave him for good.because I think smone whom can’t devoted to his lover isn’t ready yet for relationship.he’s not for you.you may found different love anywhere…maybe you couldn’t forget the way he treated you.but you never knew what different love could do.so what you have to do is just try it..

09:27 AM May 05 2008 |