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Life Talk!

Do you believe in love at first sign??? ^^


Viet Nam

Romantic films are always showed on TV. The love are usually begun with sudden meeting. And last, the film end in the passionate loves. But in fact, how do the love take place??? Can you give me some opinions??? ^^

05:47 PM May 08 2008 |

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I don’t believe in it:D
I think, people want to know somebody well at first, and fall in love later. Maybe – it’s posibble, but I don’t think so. Don’t believe in TV;)))

06:56 PM May 08 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i think 

at first sign, it is not the love or it is a part of long story of the love.. it is the acceptance and the admiration..

07:25 PM May 08 2008 |




I didn’t quite sure about love at the first sight.because you must know her before you could love her.it’s not love actually but stmthing like attracted..love is a matter of compassion,if you want smone to love you,you’d better give love first.show the true you without deceit or any masking anything would attract people to know you more.lie’d give you nothing but disrespect and hate.don’t try to be someone else because it’d confuse your future girl friend and became unsure about you..but nevertheless still there’s nothing exact in love.there’s so many consideration and uncertainty.but by being genuine would help a lot..: D

09:23 PM May 08 2008 |



i believe it is possible

i think many Romantic loves are begining at the  first

sign of good feeling , whether have the sweet result ,it is depends on the

character of both .

12:54 AM May 09 2008 |



the only thing comes out after the first glimpse is that whether you have good feeling to this guy,not love

05:10 PM May 10 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

no no .


because no love without real examanation . and it is need  to a long time ..

05:21 PM May 10 2008 |

Lin etual

Lin etual

Russian Federation

I also think one sight can hardly produce strong feelings, it’s usually just passion…But eyes, eyes can say even more about the inner world of a person than he himself can, so in this case yes… such love is possible!

06:44 PM May 10 2008 |



I think man fall in love at  first sign easily. maybe your lover turn up at next station I belive it

05:56 AM May 11 2008 |





I love that feeling.

06:13 AM May 11 2008 |

cat m

cat m


I belive it but i can't do it:)

07:03 AM May 11 2008 |