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Who's the best in your heart ?


Viet Nam

With me, God is the best.

When I said or happy, he alway listens to me

When I worrie anh scare of something, he hugs me and makes feel better

When I need something, he for me

But the best thing I like him because He really loves me.

And you ? Who's the best one ?



01:07 PM May 23 2008 |

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Jesus, because he really helps me in the bad moments of my life.

But here in Earth, definitely my grandmother is the best in my heart!!! I´m blessed with the sweetest person in the world!!!!

05:50 PM May 23 2008 |



Viet Nam

My best friend is the best person in my heart. He 's always by my side and share everything with me, not only happiness but also sadness. When I face some troubles, he is the first person that I want to talk with.

Perhaps all you wonder why I didn't mention my family. I don't know…I've hardly gotten any advice from my mother or any sincere talks with my sister. All of them force me to study and seldom notice my emotion.

03:42 AM May 24 2008 |





04:46 AM May 24 2008 |



Steppe, maybe your family don´t tell you because they don´t know how do it.

There´s a lot of people (me included) that aren´t confortable saying "I love you", "Take care" for example. But maybe they prefer show their feeling with actions. You told us that your mother and sister force you to finish your studies, have you thought that maybe they want you finish a career and have a great job or something like that?? Sometimes we don´t see this little actions and we expect more of the people around us, but nobody is perfect, you know? Give a chance to your family, ok?

And I agree with you with the sadness one could suffer when a friend goes out. One of my 2 best friends in high school is living in another city, and I miss her a lot.

03:14 PM May 24 2008 |