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Earthquake in China




The earthquake is a dreadful disaster and so many Chinese people are suffering from it.I am so sad to see that many people died.Fortunately,all people of China unite!! And many foreign friends help us out together now.Thanks a lot.I think we can overcome it quickly because of the outside help.In this world,the kindhearted people are everywhere.Bless everyone…

05:14 AM May 31 2008 |

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United States

Yes, it is good to see that not everyone thinks that foreigners are bad.

Many countries have given aid. The United States government has given a lot of money and supplies, as have many Western governments. Also, several large American corporations have made major donations to help China.

The earthquakes were in the news here in the US, on the front page of the newspapers, and on the news shows. Even though it is far away, people here are very worried.


06:46 AM May 31 2008 |




Thank you for your comment.

I guess some people think foreigners are bad because of our"culture crash ".We think things in the different way ,and do it different as well.However,I think most of people are friendly.Yeah,I know the United States government has given aid to China.This kind of news we can see on the newspapers and TV.All the Chinese feel warm and thanks…

03:11 PM May 31 2008 |




That's a terrible news..

Allah (God) bless all Chinese..

I really love them,But i don't know why

I hope China will be a great country as fast as possible..:)

I love u China…I pray for u :)

03:23 PM May 31 2008 |