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My saddest thing in Ebaby





I used to have a friend in Ebaby. He's so smart, humorous and cute. We talked a lot on MSN. And of course I like him very much.

But now we have become strangers for some misunderstanding. I'm lost the pleasure of his company FOREVER~Cry

It's been a long time since our break up, but I'm sad, even till now. He's really hard to get over.

I don't know if he can find this message, I just wanna say to him that " Don't ever stop running. And keep charming and strong as only you can be"

06:07 AM Jun 03 2008 |

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe


Randy I dont think you should interfere in this debate and let them proving their own opinions and the best thing is not to take side don't you think?

I dont think you can judge someone until you know the whole story from the both sides, am I correct?

Cheers, dude! 

04:39 PM Jun 11 2008 |




Maggie, do you know these two people (mr. Runner and flora) arguing about such nonsense?
I think it’s time for you to clear this mess..

08:26 PM Jun 11 2008 |


United States

Hi Jane,

I didn't actually pick a side at all. I wouldn't say that Flora was right to call someone "retarded", but such a comment does not warrant the response. Obviously Runner needed to see how his behaviour was viewed.

Trying to make a personal attack by attacking an entire nation "nationalsocialistic China", especially in a place like this is simply ignorant. One might even say retar… oh, never mind :) 

If there is a behind the scenes story then the conversation should be kept behind the scenes, rather than in a public forum.

That said, if Runner is going to tell me he didn't call her a hooker and then say "I'm not divine to forgive a hooker", there's little point in continuing, as we are not even speaking the same language :)

And Runner,

"If you get threated bad very VERY bad, would you forgive that person then?"

Yes. What you haven't learned yet is that forgiving is to benefit the one doing the forgiving and not the one who is perceived as doing the wrong. Perhaps one day you will learn that lesson. You'll be a happier person then. 







10:16 PM Jun 11 2008 |



uhhh.It's nice to be here in English baby!unfortunately like in any other places we would always find something not good some are bearable and others call for explanation.Don't give up making friends!

12:20 PM Jun 14 2008 |




Johan,really,it's time to stop. why u try to make everyone sad? so long time..i've never said anything about u to anyone,u know? i thought u had stop doing this on this website,no? i thought u just play in real life,but still here?it's a hard time for China now,don't do this to chinese girls anymore. u were not like this before…u went too far now.

 p.s. saw this by accident.

g'day,take care.

08:23 PM Jun 19 2008 |




Rachel ,don't nervous,  i was just  playing with him for several months, nothing is significant and important.

ps.girls keep away from  swindlers on englishbaby.

advice:dont make your ship capsized…. 




Rachel,i hope  you can enjoy your ture love now ….and me too ^^

07:01 PM Jun 20 2008 |