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Life Talk!

extreme violence




In these days of civil liberties and zero tolerance against violence, an age old practise goes unrebuked. A woman would allow a man to enter body and deposited 2 to 3 million cells. The results: 1- abloated belly, 2 -additional 35 to 60 lbs, 3-tired& swollen feet, 4_ sometimes diabetes,kidney problems,heart-spams and fretfulness. She cannot sleep on her tommy. After being tortured by internal kicks for 40 wks, nature compels her to explell that alien blob of living chemicals from her anatomy. The task is so violent that many women lost their lives.

In all these loud cry about violence against women why is this form of subjugation is not promptly banned.

This is shocking, despicable and cowardly!


05:57 AM Jun 19 2008 |

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White Lys

Viet Nam

Hi Guyana,

 I eventually agree with you about that, so I think that : violence's very terrible and anyone has unnatural behavour with their family (daddy, mommy, wife….) both should be punished secretly.

In my country, violence's exsisted but it's only at the province, countryside. So, In my residence, where I've been living, I don't see there's violence>>That should be cheerful. But sometimes, I read the news of violence in newspaper, and I feel sad, that person who are victims of violence.

So, I think the laws should be more strict. We have a strict law for violence that's not only in family but also in society.

Is there anyboy that has ideal???

06:08 AM Jun 19 2008 |




What about child abuse?


My mother endured 18 hours of agonizing pain until I finally came out. So I'm sure she has a case against my father, but I was there to!!!


1 moment all is comfy and pleasant in your cozy little aquarium, the next minute, all hell beaks loose!


The walls and sealing move and come closer and closer until you can't move and hardly bread, the pressure grows and pushes you thru a tunnel that is way to small, I believe this to be one of the causes of claustrophobia.

Than when you enter a cold world without any liquids to surround you, they cut in you, spank you until you cry…


I was so shocked by the traumatic event of my birth that I didn't talk for almost a year!


My father didn't even faint in the delivery room, very cold blooded man.





10:59 AM Jun 19 2008 |



Hi everybody!

I wrote about it, in other forum about the tolerance or the limits to the tolerance.


 I believe that as a long tolerate such attitudes, somehow we complices.

We most denounce, expose, accuse… There is always some way to make.

A best word is possible!!


02:10 PM Jun 19 2008 |



Some people just get it. 

02:23 PM Jun 19 2008 |