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Life Talk!

How can I speak bluntly my trouble?


Viet Nam

In our life,we meet problems sometime.But, how to come over it as well as solve all of the problems.That's a big questions to me for over 2 months.I have really been sad.Many things happened to me as the waves.All presses poured on my head.I had to be sad for love,work,and study.Sometime, I wanted to find out some ways to save myself,but all things that I tried were useless.What should I do now?

06:35 AM Jun 25 2008 |

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There’s always bright shiny morning after dark cloudy night. Problems come and go but they never stay too long in your life.
I believe you’d beat all your problems. Y’know everybody has their own PROBLEMS.
I have problems with my education and my love life. And I haven’t fixed them yet until now. But y’know I just try to ENJOY my life with that problems. So YOU’RE NOT ALONE my dear friend.

12:48 PM Jun 25 2008 |




Life is not the easy thing for everyone,there are many unkown thing happen,do not lose you belief,everything should be pass as the rain,just believe yourself,we always stand by you.

02:44 PM Jun 25 2008 |


Viet Nam

Yeah,thanks for your all encourage.But it is really hard to forget all of them.But it's better now,I got my job, so I am not afraid of being jobless any more.I hope I would forget my love quickly when I'm so busy I don't have enough time to think of her anymore.If I had free time,I would spend all them to think of my love.And when I think of her I get sad only.Love and friend are completedly different.

01:19 AM Jun 26 2008 |