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I am reminding of a dialouge

A man was standing at starting point of journey but was having no courage to start.

By God's grace an learned man happened to be there,

the learned man realized his trouble & asked him why are you standing here,

the man replied that I want to reach my destination & that is far afar thousands of miles from here,

I don't have courage to start my journey ,morever there is darkness too

& I have an small lamp which enlights just four steps of the path,

I am at a fix shall I be able to reach my destination ?

The learned man replied that,

friend,the distance of thousand miles start with a single step & if you have faith the distance of thousand miles can be travelled in a single step & if you don't have faith ,it may take millions of birth to travell 1/10 of thickness of the hair, 

regarding your small lamp you need not worry,you are holding the lamp in your hand & the light will travell by you to enlight your path.

I rememberd this dialouge in concern with my journey & I have started my journey by enchanting,


congratulate Lilimira for delivering a muslim child.

Regards & thanks

12:40 AM Jun 28 2008 |

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United Kingdom

Dear dev,

I just want to let you know that you are in my prayers.
and  know how much  muslims loving you. allah protect you and show you the straight way.


dev become our great treasure, thank you all, espicialy lilimira,  you achieved a tremendous achievement

08:30 PM Jun 28 2008 |




i respect dev's nice feelings.i respect yours,too.but please stop this talk!i mean what i say and i say what i mean.so,i did nothing.i wasn't aware of doing anything.i have no aim to convert any person.i just be myself.i just say what i feel and think.so please no more comments about me.

02:57 PM Jun 29 2008 |




I don't like the idea of posessiveness,alll of us are trasures for ourself.It was not a war for Lilimira,it is sharing.

01:00 AM Jun 30 2008 |



United Kingdom

Dear dev

don't be a victim of a bad uderstood, i don't mean ownership, i just tried to express my feelings that i'm happy for you, don't worry you are a free man

any way i'm sorry 

05:48 PM Jun 30 2008 |



Dear Hakimi,

I wish to reply your question  of 27th jun,in anotherway,

Where do you want to go….

our life is heading towards death by each moment,it.s not a question of our choice of movement,it's always moving,we do realise it or not that's another matter.

What do you want to find…

All of us are co-travellers here & everyone is alone & existence is dancing everywhere,so I wish to dance with the song of exitence in harmony with other friends,I am in search of friends ,who likes to dance in togetherness.

Have you any lamp light….

yes all of us are blessed with 'an observer inside',the eye behind these physical eyes,who chhoose our path,

Did Lilimira gave you lighter…

She did not gave me lighter but she gave me a free space to dance.

I know that these are useless questions but I like so I post.Sorry if you don't like.

01:30 AM Jul 03 2008 |