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Life Talk!

An senseless & useless question




All of us are familiar with concept of 'balancing powers of the existence',

positive balances negative, hot balances cold

but I have realized the third way too & that is 0+0=0

but this result too can be achieved by two ways,

in first 0 overlap the other 0 &

in 2nd 0 merges with other 0 ,

does it make any sense ?

12:47 AM Jun 29 2008 |

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amr,i'm sure you can understand it.just trySmile

05:52 PM Jul 01 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Great dev "but in all situations it would be blissful", when I used 0 as symbols in color, I  meant that about our relationships (merging & separation ) . to be ( the symbols in color) a realistic , I think about it as we should learn how we have blissfully relationships 'no matter what( in merging or separation) .. we are always winners but with  new owns , new personalities. we are definitely going on the end, there are always something's are changing ,  We can't return to the beginning..

Now I think we should read (The Davinci code) novel..hahaha LaughingWink

06:17 PM Jul 01 2008 |




I challanged you,to try but it's very clear now,hope you would have understood now.

07:23 PM Jul 01 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Thank you guys for "pushing" me to understand what you talk about, but I still feel that "its not my game", so don't bother yourselves to "clear" it to me, as I "really" won't be in again.



07:30 PM Jul 01 2008 |