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Life Talk!





Iam just asking some questions here may be something is hidden in ur inside and u don't know.

1. which thing make u happy?

2.in which thing you feel vey happy?

3. what do u think about happiness?

4. is it come from money or ur beloved ones?

5. is happiness other name is relaxation? 



05:43 AM Jul 01 2008 |

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Viet Nam

Which thing make me happy? I am having an answer for you!

So, why were you born? Can you answer it? You were born to have the life! Your life, my life, our life is wonderful! Everyday, I choose a happiness, a happiness form my flowers in the garden; a happiness from my familyand especiall, a happiness from my life!

 I am happy because I am living in this world and I am receiving the love form my heart! I love you – My life!!!

So, What make you happy? do you have a same ideas with me?

07:24 AM Jul 01 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab



1. Everything makes me happy, as I always try to be

2. I feel very happy when I do something or help somebody who really wants help

3. Happiness, is that we all look for, is very difficult to find it but its not impossible too

4. I will be real and say "both", but with different arrange as "beloved people" come before money which is important too.

5. No, they are different as I can get relaxing while I be patient, sleeping or just "never mind"


08:14 AM Jul 01 2008 |




thank u so much to all of you for sharing ur ideas, every body has own opinion for living life and

nugeynhonganam(very difficult name) -the questions i asked are the questions we ask ourselves not to others and be honestly give answers.

shardzy : u r right we get happiness if we give something may be by giving smile we feel happy.

thnx AMR DIAB and  ur views are showing you are kind person, i hope u applying it in practical life as well.

and hakimi thnx for pointing out to important question. but if u think for a moment i asked same thing but in different ways.  



09:06 AM Jul 01 2008 |





happiness comes from tranquilty, tranquillity comes from ur connection with ur LORD. if ur status with HIM satisfy ur soul and u feel HE is near to u, then u'll feel with tranquillity hence u'll see every thing joyfull and smilling.

if u away of HIM, then every temporary happiness will vainsh and u 'll feel soul empitness and disturbance. every thing will be tastless.

i hope i've cleared my point of view.

12:08 PM Jul 01 2008 |



the one you loveCool

11:54 PM Jul 01 2008 |




osesame 100% correct. if we feel we are happy and we are away from our LORD then this happiness for short time period.

thank u sweta for ur reply ur way of thinking is also kind.

thnx mamour


04:31 AM Jul 02 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

mmmmmm I think by always keeping the word happiness in front of me and of course by trying to do good things and avoiding trubles.

thanx for the q. nadiaaa

04:46 AM Jul 02 2008 |




Thanks Nadiaa

it is a good topic, i hope to give us more of ur usefull topics.


04:53 AM Jul 02 2008 |


Viet Nam

1.my friends, my well-completed works, my passions like dancing, music – that give me happiness.  

2 when I do what I want and it somes as satisfaction to me, that's what make me feel happy

3.It is a feeling of satisfaction, a bit craziness n around yourself at that time is radiant light, no dull, dark atmosphere.

4.huh, something's wrong there. to me q 1 and q 4 are the same.

5.of course no, they are different. Happniness probably affect to something, someone but relaxation – just for yourself – just only you feel it

10:16 AM Jul 02 2008 |




thnx to all of u for ur comments.

07:23 AM Jul 22 2008 |