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Life Talk!





Iam just asking some questions here may be something is hidden in ur inside and u don't know.

1. which thing make u happy?

2.in which thing you feel vey happy?

3. what do u think about happiness?

4. is it come from money or ur beloved ones?

5. is happiness other name is relaxation? 



05:43 AM Jul 01 2008 |

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I feel that there are thee levels of happiness, when happiness comes from 'something' it is called happiness,when it comes from within it is called 'joy',when it comes from existence it is called 'blissfulness'.

when happiness depends upon something it is temprary & it always carry sadness with it, & it changes it's face very soon.

When happiness comes from within,it has more worth & it does not carry sadness with it,& it is not lost so soon.

The real happiness comes through existence, when one connects with God & it is our gratitude towards existence.It has more existential value & depth.  

07:00 PM Jul 24 2008 |