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Life Talk!

give me a reason to happy



In recent days,i feel blue.because i couldn't get well along my workmates in my company.

i'm a introverted person.and other workmates seem don't like me. i don't know how to do.

can you help me?

08:36 AM Jul 15 2008 |

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How long do you work for this company,are you a freshman in the society?

If so,just keep going,keep your nature character.the other ones will change another way to communicate with you.That's effect.

08:40 AM Jul 15 2008 |



United States

I feel the same way. I just moved to China, started a new job, it's our busy season so it seems like I work all the time, I am shy and introverted, it is hard to make a good impression on my coworkers.


They say that 90% of success is just showing up, so I try and be as present to as many different outings and social activities as possible. I try to keep moving. A person is like any living thing – if you stop growing you start to wilt and then die. You must strive always towards the light, like a tree or flower. 


That at least is what I tell myself :)

10:18 AM Jul 15 2008 |




be kind and keep smiling to others,at least they won't turn their back to you.

willing to forgive others and be yourself 

don't stop learning, and improve yourself

finally ,one day ,they will find you a lovely,generous, intelligent girl

bless you :) 

10:59 AM Jul 15 2008 |




I agree with you ,Aljensen.Maybe sometimes we should believe sth.That will give us a direction.

08:53 AM Jul 16 2008 |


Viet Nam

living enthusiastically, being yourself and keep smiling always. Luck and happiness will be with you soon

03:22 PM Jul 18 2008 |



Sometimes we pass for hard situations that makes us feel we are trapped in the worst moment, but take them as tests to improve yourself. Don´t be frustrated and worried because that doesn´t let you to come out of your problems.


03:42 PM Jul 18 2008 |



u are alive

08:16 PM Jul 25 2008 |



there is no need another thing…

am i wrong…...........

and look additional things to be happy…...

are u hungry? didnt u eat sth for days? because there are lots of people couldnt eat anything for days…not being a member of them is a good reasonto be happy…


08:18 PM Jul 25 2008 |




you have too many reasons to be happy.to be alive and healthy are the most important.just have positive feelings towards others.never think they are guilty because you feel  they don't like you and be open to them.i'm sure they 'll feel it and you'll feel that they are in their way to like you.

08:42 PM Jul 25 2008 |




if you think that your unsociable person then try to explore different things like talking to them or joining to some social event or inviting them for a cup of joe for you to feel accepted and happy. and  just be yourself. =D

11:12 AM Jul 27 2008 |