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do you believe what the nutritionists said?




do  you believe what the nutritionists  said?

sometimes they tell u it's better eat vitamin,but soon they claim it's harmful for your life.

sometimes the nutritionists have you eat fish,but soon they change what they say:the fishes are polluted.

should we believe what they said ?

09:27 AM Jul 16 2008 |

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most of time,we  follow their opinion and don' t take the food that they claim  would  be harmful or good for us.but not always,we all different ,we all need different ,choosing accroding to what you need.however,anything are polluted in the world ,chicken,fishs,vegetable..we will starve to death if we dont eat the polluted food,,Tongue outso,don't take their words serious,i mean sometimes,,haha

05:57 PM Jul 16 2008 |



A nutritionist will check you before recommend you an especific diet to ensure your health, I mean, we don´t have to follow every statement that a nutritionist says or discover that appears in media, internet, etc., because every body has especific needs.


06:26 PM Jul 16 2008 |




i agree with saw.some people are following what nutrisionists are saying in the media without paying attention to their specific case.

besides,we all know that we have to eat healthy food without exageration,but it's not obvious to do that.human's are too fond of eating anything.Laughing

08:06 PM Jul 16 2008 |