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Life Talk!

What's the meaning of life??



Hong Kong

It's a question that always pop up in my mind…

what are we mankind living for ?

we eat we work we talk ..life…sometimes just seems like a routine

we live and someday we die..

can't leave much to the world except tones of carbon dioxide and the huge whole in the ozone layer…

well…i don't have any idea about it…

@@ what do you think?

01:14 PM Jul 16 2008 |

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everyone has something to give to humanity.we have a message to leave before we die.we are living to contribute positivety to this world and to make things better.we are enjoying life and we'll enjoy death,too.

we make life a routine while it's not so.every day is a new one  with interesting events and feelings to experience.

that's how i feel.

08:14 PM Jul 16 2008 |



Hong Kong

something to give to humanity…um, thanks for your reply which give me some insight

10:54 PM Jul 16 2008 |




What you have counted that which we produce are the bye products of our life.Inside all of it 'WE LIVE' and a heart lives in us.It is to share,to celebrate, to create ,to love ,to learn, to to come in connection with God & existence.

lovely topic.

03:14 AM Jul 17 2008 |




For Batman life is to save Gotham city from the evils, like Joker, Two Faces etc. For Spiderman life is to swing between high building and make war with bad guy.
For me, life is football.
For my dog, life is to gain bones and running around following me where ever I’d go (I think I’d ever written these sentences before, smwhere on ebaby).lol
Life is to share our feeling with other people especially our special one, or to be better in life. Maybe these are the standard VISION of life. And the MISSION is doing all our best on whatever we do in our life.=)

11:10 AM Jul 17 2008 |




yes mike.we  should do our best.that's all.

10:08 PM Jul 17 2008 |




life is training…every daySmile

07:51 PM Jul 25 2008 |



United States

life = nothing poeple are searching for work >> food >> good situation >> a realtion ship>> girls are always talking about boys and the And the opposite there is some guys whom searching just for fun and sex , and there is others their life is music and concerts , and who is thinking about marriage … and childrend and his future … and others they call their selves ambiguous cuz they dont really care about something called LIFE like me !! and curious poeple like you : ) well in one line > God made us to do something and you know this thing as well so keep it a secret and do it , it will be good for ya if you dont wanna have another life like this one in the doomsday ^^ have a nice day/night and good chance in your Life .

10:54 PM Jul 25 2008 |



Every body every think.

02:00 AM Jul 13 2009 |