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i am afraid of falling in love




hi, friends. I revealed that i am afraid of relationship. some years ago i had hard experience with a guy and now i've met very good fellow, i like him, i fell good with him. but i am afraind of smth. i guess i fell in love with him, but in my mind it's not good, because every time i was falling in love with someone it hadn't a happy end. but i know that he is sincerely to me. anyway it can't help me to relax and enjoy this time. did someone had some similar situations… or what can u say

09:10 PM Jul 21 2008 |

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Sometimes I feel same as u, but you must  give chance to that  guy and don't  lose the chance be happy. Best wishes!

11:30 PM Jun 20 2009 |




Do you that i fill in love 4 times and each one of them didn't

love like i love them at last we broke up , then i become miserable and bored but life will have to wait until again i become great . so trust yourself I'm sure  that you will find one to love a real love

see you


09:42 PM Jul 21 2009 |




Lovers all will be Married, the opportunity not once, was the once, once and once.

12:58 AM Jul 22 2009 |



Oh please don't be so afraid. Just believe in yourself! No matter how many times you failed ,just believe that this time you will succeed! Everyone has to get over some difficulties before he finnally achieve his real love. So you really don't have to be so afraid, just do it!

01:43 AM Jul 28 2009 |



make it as usual,love is love,be sad for loving this guy, than regretful for missing out such a nice guy.

02:51 AM Jul 28 2009 |



Hi Irunya,  Life is all about loving. Very few in this world are not affected by love, but then all their life is going on.  For example, when you drink a coffee without knowing it is hot which will really hurt you. But it will not stop you drinking coffee again. Life is all about trail and error method. Find the mistake you made in your previous relationship and make sure this will not occur with this relationship.  Many people have the same experience. Throw all your fear and hesitation away. If you are in love, you should be 100%. Be clear with your boy friend what you want and ask him what he wants.  Discuss openly whenever you feel lost. I wish you all the best. Salmon

03:29 AM Jul 28 2009 |




why don’t give yourself a chance ? :)if you feel relaxable with him just go ahead ;) and good luck sweety :)

10:31 PM May 20 2012 |