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Life Talk!

what will you do when you aren't interest in your present job?

White Lys

Viet Nam

hi all my friends!!!
What will you do when you feel very bored with present job? What will you do that time? Abandon it? Or what do you do?
Give me a reason and method to solve this problem, please, my friends!

07:08 AM Jul 23 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

it's really hard feeling..

i think i'll try to improve myself in this job that means try to learn sth new to get high position in work..for example study computing , using technology ,  or applying the new methods to break up the routine and imrove myself and the work itself..

if these ways don't work..i'll just ask for a vacation to change my mood and forgot everything about wok :)

12:56 PM Jul 23 2008 |



If I were not confortable with my job, I would search for another job options, and if I found something new, I´d quit.

Nowadays is so hard to find a new job, so that´s why my advice for you would be not to quit your job without having a new one that allow you to keep your way of life. 

05:57 PM Jul 24 2008 |




if u don't like why force urself to do

don't wast time

find other job

think well

12:34 AM Oct 08 2008 |



My suggestion is 'try hard to find something interesting' and if you think you really bored with your job and nothing can change it, at that time you'd better resign the present job.

03:03 AM Oct 08 2008 |




out of duty , take a vacation, just relax!! It's impossible to find another job easily in this time (in my country). 

03:07 AM Oct 08 2008 |



Viet Nam

first thing we need to understand the reason why we are bored with our job. Second things we decide to solve this problem quickly, not to keep in my mind

06:34 AM Oct 08 2008 |




to take risks and try new things

maybe that can make meaningful life


07:00 AM Oct 08 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

 It depends if I worked for money or for filling the time of my days "FUN". If it was for money, I would change my job once I found another one (and do not tell your superviser about it, in case I couldn't find another, he won't change his attitude with me "not all of them will accept it").In this period of time I would define the reasons why I am not enjoying the current job to avoid them when I look for the another job. If it was for fun, I would leave it immediately because I already not gaining the reason of having the job. And then I would busy with my hoppies and in what makes me full fill my time with enjoyment till I find the next job "if I want".

03:46 PM Oct 08 2008 |