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Which is too hard to be a lover of a girl or to be a friend of a girl?




Hi my dear ones i hope this is a good topic to discuss.My point here is to be a lover of a girls is to be the hardest thing than to be a friend of a girl.

09:55 AM Jul 23 2008 |

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of course to be a friend and return to the topic friendship betwean man and woman always fail

09:59 AM Jul 23 2008 |

Lin etual

Lin etual

Russian Federation

The easiest of all is to be that girl and not cramp your head with all that stuff..= )

10:53 AM Jul 23 2008 |



Both because nor we know what friendship is nor we know what love is ,nor we  are honest enough to accept it.We need girl for sex , by any way ,that's the purposeof all, that's all.

01:36 PM Jul 23 2008 |



I believe is quite difficult to have a girlfriend than to have a girl as your friend. Because as a couple, girls are completely unpredictable sometimes so somedays you don´t know how to react in her changes of mood. But it´s my personal experience, maybe the others think other way.

05:41 PM Jul 24 2008 |




Fist of all, you have to be a good listener of her.  To know what she is talking about, and learn to be humorous and get good along with your friend of a female. You relax, they relax as well.


11:05 AM Jul 27 2008 |