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Life Talk!





Do you have any idea about God’s gender? I didn’t mean anything with it. It’s just a wild thinking. Ok, guys.

07:31 PM Jul 26 2008 |

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God is Allah!

Allah doesn't have any gender…

Some ppl use ''He'' for Allah!

But it is a terrible stupidly idea…! And I think to say that, is a big sin! I never said so.

Allah doesn't have any gender and it is writtien in Holy Book ''Kur'an''

Allah doesn't eat or drink.. Anyone didn't create the Allah! Allah has being be from time without beginning, from time immemorial.


Allah is one and the biggest! Anyone can't attribute a partner to Allah.. Allah is the powerest, Allah can hear and know everthing, everywhere, evertime, from everyone…

Allah can hear ur heart's sound.. Anyone can't hide something from Allah..

Allah is ''Rahman'' and ''Rahim''

Allah doesn't have any gender!!!!!! Allah is from ''Nur'' (heavenly light)

:)) I think so, and i am sure! I am sure! And i never believe something which I am not sure about it…


Also i want to say something to you! If Allah can be seen by us, I don't believe Allah!

Some ppl say  > I didn't see Allah, So i can't believe it.Maybe it is a lie!

And now I have an answer to say them > I believe Allah without seeing it. It is so normal. Allah is holy.. So holy things should have a secret!

If I had seen ther Allah, I wouldn't believe it. Becasue i would think '' I saw it, So it is not holy.. It is maybe a soul or something like it''


So, Not to see Allah is very normal and necessary… Who we are! Just a creature… But Allah is holy..And Too holy to be seen! :)



Ahaa… I think we should use ''IT'' for Allah..Not '' HE '' or ''SHE''




11:02 AM Jul 27 2008 |




women never create life.they can give it because they already have it.if we use our logic ,we'll find that human's are god's creation not his mirror.all creation is inperfect to show that god is perfect and different.sex is only for his creation.couples are here to prove that god is one.i think that it's god clemency to create two sexes.both men and women feel confortable with each other. 

11:12 AM Jul 27 2008 |




Please, don't be silly, obviously the world would be a much more clean, neat and orderly place if it was created by a woman.

04:45 PM Jul 27 2008 |




alltho, some of the irony in life feels very feminin indeed Laughing

04:47 PM Jul 27 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

we say HE because ( whatsoever) ,you can't but that in a human measure!!!!!!.. am i right ??

05:21 PM Jul 27 2008 |



Ours senses are limited to feel the type of god, so we use the known language to human, We don't know how to communicate with God. All he & shes are just our imaginations, He is all, male, female' child' old, only he is ,he is looking upon himself… nothing could be expressed.


05:56 PM Jul 27 2008 |



I think the one who asked this question has no creativity at all, he can't even imagine that there is some thing with no gender even Allah that created every thing.

I really feel pity that there are people around that can't even imagine there is some things behind there mind they can't get,

u don't even know that there is some things that has no gender, u know ameoba ?

u know how does it reproduce, it's a creature, but has no genderm it reproduces by way called binary fission.

we human being are mor developed creatures, we reproduce by zygot formation through male sperm and female ova,

so yr mind can't even imagine there is more developed " creature" sorry I shouldn't say creature, I should 've said "creator" having different thing than every thing you can imagine


06:43 PM Jul 27 2008 |




looking at the state the world is in today, chances are that if there is a creator, it probably is just a little child, still experimenting, goofing around.

10:54 PM Jul 27 2008 |




Ajwan, thanks for sm scientific answers and explanations.
Yeah maybe it’s more like an uncreative question, especially for you. But hey, it’d made you coming up with a comment. I think I’ve never seen yours recently, until today.=)
guys, this topic isn’t a game or smthing like that. I just want to know what do you know about God. “God is a girl” is just a opening, if there’s smone who also have the same idea just like me.=)
ok guys, what do you know about our God, our smart and creative God, whom apparently the opposite of me.=)

05:39 PM Jul 28 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

we don't see god but we believe in him … no one see him so no one know .. and what this stupid question !! i mean how it acrossed to your mind !! just be muslime and believe in Allah … are you so?






 i love ur replying

i agree with u

05:45 PM Jul 28 2008 |