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Why do people fall in love?




I have been asking me for a long time abut the love. Can we understand why people love someone? I know that there are different kinds of love: Love to the humans, love to the friends, to the parents, to the relatives… But, what's the reason of we love a girl (if you are a boy) or a boy (if you are a girl)?


12:09 AM Jan 20 2007 |

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Hi Santines,

night in Germany and I am thinking about love …

The reason, yes, science knows it. Three messengers in our brain decides about "love" – nothing else than a hormonal process. It assures the transfers of the genes. Scientists made a lot of tests etc., one of them had the conclusion, that after falling in love the hormone level of men get low and the level of women get higher. So both levels are assimilated. After nearly 1-2 years, I also heard about 4 years, the sitiuation changes to point of departure – and love has had its days :- ) No joke, for this most divorces and problems in partnership get their first climax after 3 years.

I guess the answer to your question "Can we understand why …" is yes, biology, science and medicine know the answer. But for us this strict scientifical declarations are unsatisfying and unconvincible. We find our explanations like to love somebody because of his character, his way to laugh, to talk, to walk …

However, if you catch a great love, try to hold it. You can play a trick on your hormones, a lot of Psychologists studied this and the conclusions are really interesting.

Have a good night all over the world.

01:14 AM Jan 20 2007 |