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at that time ,what will u do?

Fanny ming

Fanny ming


      i am an independent person ,and i eager to live in my way ,that means free and meaningful ,but acturelly,most of the time i may hurt my relatives and close friends,it really makes me puzzled,plz tell me what will u do at that time?

09:52 AM Aug 15 2008 |

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Hello Fanny,
Everyone is likely to hurt others one way or another without realizing it. However, we can avoid that by being careful of what we say. Our choice of words could bring happiness or sorrow to others. Thus, if you want your friends and relatives to have high regard of you, I would suggest that you keep them smiling by saying good things to and about them. Being independent does not necessarily mean that you are free to mock and ridicule people at your heart's content. On the other hand, it means that you should be free of other people's negative opinions about your near and dear ones. 

08:05 AM Aug 24 2008 |




Hi Ming:

It is doesn't metter that you live in own way.But you should know that you will hurt someone if you persist your way.There is no doubt that it has no belefit for you.Many people will think that you are a self-serving man,even they will think that you are regarding them as an ememy!You are not such a girl,but in their mind,you are.

08:27 AM Aug 24 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

well being independent  won't mean never contact your family , friends  and relatives ,,,, the best way of your problem is managing your time thats it ,,, you have to find time for them  and you do have time but in fact you didn't look for it ,, so you can join all togather … your relatives don't want your 100% of your time they just need attention ,,

 sorry for being frank ,, but you need it ,,




08:43 AM Aug 24 2008 |