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Life Talk!

What will you do in this situation?



South Korea

When you come to make a relationship with someone

The relationship is not very deep

And now you would like to want to know him better

But it's really hard because he's unique and extraordinary from other people

Popular conceptions do not go along with him.

What will you do ??

03:39 AM Aug 20 2008 |

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United Kingdom

just keep in mind that no one is extraordinary… we, people, are too simple. 

03:42 AM Aug 20 2008 |




3n yes we all are equal but it is also fact that some people have extraordinary by their nature or IQ level.

so roadlamp i think care with sincerity of his/her person will make you closer.

09:27 AM Aug 20 2008 |



South Korea

Thank you all!

iwon't give up him!

cause what is essential is invisible to the eye

09:12 PM Aug 22 2008 |




The most important thing in a relationship are the feilings….maybe i´m so romantic but If you love him and he loves you, everything is possible…....Remember that anybody is perfect…and people like you or me have defects, so what make you diferent is your feelings…..



10:33 PM Aug 22 2008 |

Kelvin Chan


no one is extraordinary

11:24 PM Aug 22 2008 |




since the "extraodinary" boy have a relationship with you, maybe in his mind you are extraodinary too. and you should remember that everyone's equal in love, the important thing is whether you two love each other. don't give up, if there's such an extraodinary boy before me, i'll never let him go. fighting!!!

12:18 AM Aug 23 2008 |