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Domestic violence against women in the West!!




We must notice that such violence, which goes beyond human limits and dimensions, is not exercised by illiterate people who live in the countryside somewhere, nor in the poorest areas. Conversely, such abuse is practiced by slick men like those who appear in Hollywood who are in some cases well educated having high social status. It is exercised against weak women, regardless how fine they may appear to be … after returning to their homes; they become nothing more than slaves under the effect of lash of humility and violence.

We will limit our talk to domestic violence against women in the west, and we will prove by numbers that the humiliated woman is not the one who lives in Afghanistan and wears her face cover. We will illustrate that such woman is not the one from the Arabian Peninsula, who is in fact well protected and honored in a community that calls for her respect. Real degrade and vulgarity is that which makes a woman cheap merchandise just like any other tradable good, and made her subject to attacks and all types of oppression and inequity.

01:36 PM Aug 27 2008 |

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The United States of America:

Violence, in all its shapes, has afflicted the weakest member of the family, namely women and children. Things like, secrecy, no sufficient evidence and legal and social barriers make it difficult to obtain very accurate data regarding violence against women, which is, according to social scholars, is the least type of crime that gets reported.

Ironically, most of the available information regarding violence against women is collected from small statistics done here and there, which give a quick general view for something as important as this international phenomenon. Such information can not be used to provide precise indicators to the level of violence and abuse practiced against women, but it certainly clarifies that violence and abuse at homes is a widespread phenomenon, and that the woman is the victim in most cases.

· In 1980, a statistic was done by Appleton, which included six hundred and twenty American ladies showed that 35% of them were subject to physical husband abuse at least once. In 1981, Chtraws expressed that husband abuse ranges between 50-60% in the United States. On the other hand, in 1982, the percentage was estimated to be 21% by Russell, while Baglo estimated it to range between 25-30%.

· In 1984, based on her research, Walker pointed out that American women are well experienced in physical abuse, and that 41% of women experienced physical abuse by their mothers and 44% by their fathers. 44% of them witnessed accidents of physical abuse by their fathers on their mothers.

· Two thousand nine hundred and twenty eight people were killed in 1985 by one of their family members, and if only consider the case of women we see that two thirds of them were killed by their husbands or boyfriends. Then again, in 1984, 20% of women were killed by their husbands and 10% by their boyfriends.
In 1993 five hundred and fifty seven men were arrested for their abuse to women.

· In 1994, 21% of physical abuse cases against women were done relatives, while only 4% of the attack cases against men were done by female relatives.

· 90-95% of the victims of domestic violence were women.

· Children who live in homes were the husband and wife attack one another are subject to physical abuse fifteen hundred times more than other children.

· 40-60% of the men who ill-treat their wives physically abuse their children.

· In one of the studies done, 27% of the murder cases inside the same family were children.

· 90% of children who get killed before the age of ten were killed as a result of a family dispute, and 56% of them were younger than two years of age.

· In 1994, two hundred and forty three thousand of those who received medical care in the “Emergency Room” were treated for injuries resulting from physical abuse done by a relative, and the ratio of men to women in this number was 1:9.

· There are at least four million reports of violence against women yearly, and around 20% of them happened in the house.

· In 1991, more than ninety women were killed weekly; nine out of every ten were killed by a man.

· In around 30% of the family violence cases weapons were used.

· 95% of family violence cases were attacks by men on women.

01:40 PM Aug 27 2008 |




I think one of the reasons of these numbers you have posted above is that women in ''afganistan and Arabian peninsula'' are more tolerant and often have to put up with domestic violences just because they dont't have any other alternative.While western women feel much more free and emancipated,ofcourse,and don't consider it necessary to be tolerant.

so, to be tolerant  or  to be killed by husband:)))

07:42 PM Aug 27 2008 |




my high iq,
"so, to be tolerant or to be killed by husband:)))"

SO u mean man is a man everywhere?

08:02 AM Aug 28 2008 |



I think part of the reason some of the numbers may seem higher in Western countries like the US is not because there actually is more domestic abuse occurring in these places than the rest of the world.  It is because that in a lot of these places, women actually have legal protection from domestic abuse and are standing up and speaking up about it.  What about some other countries where women have no legal protection, or the cultural climate favors a woman keeping her mouth shut if she is being abused?  For example, I know that in some countries if a woman is beaten by her husband and she speaks up about it, then it is considered her fault and she will therefore shame her family.  So for her sake, and for her family's sake, she won't say anything.  In those kinds of places, what is going on behind closed doors that women in those places are not reporting?


My heart goes out to anyone who's been abused.  It makes me sad to hear of it, and no one deserves it.

10:15 PM Aug 28 2008 |




"I know that in some countries if a woman is beaten by her husband and she speaks up about it, then it is considered her fault and she will therefore shame her family."
no,no, sorry.. this speach is not right..at least in my country..there is something called family court for any thing related to such things…
for example Allah said in His book ( Quran)
"And if ye fear a breach between them twain (the man and wife), appoint an arbiter from his folk and an arbiter from her folk. If they desire amendment Allah will make them of one mind. Lo! Allah is ever Knower, Aware. (35)"...
this is before the matter goes to the court as u know the relation between wife and husband should be cured gently..
the last word that prophet Mohamed said before die" be pious of Allah in women..be pious of Allah in women"..
may be ur words in nonmuslim countries….

07:17 AM Aug 29 2008 |




i love ingnorance when dosen't know the interpetation or the practical way of it…gather all the information then speak …
if any one but u who wrote that, i'll reply him at once and make him know…....but u dosen't deserve coz u argue just for argue …and talk just for talk …and when i unveiled ur personality here, u get raged and angry…...
grudge just for grudge…..Frown what a pitty soul!!!....

02:21 PM Aug 29 2008 |


Viet Nam

Violence against women are acclaimed in all over the world. That is the worse thing, althought there are alot disscusions about gender equality in each country or over the world. Women have still suffered from vionlence…




03:49 PM Aug 29 2008 |




okay i'm sure that the statistics is right, but i also know since i just done a project on the subject, that violence against women occur both in arabian countries and in the west. I alos know thaT westers women tend to repot violence in a bigger extent than women in arabic countries.

U should also have in mind that there probabbly is a big balck number in this subject, and as my teacher always says: "THERE IS 3 KINDS OF LIES IN THE WORLD, A LIE, A DAMN LIE AND STATISTICS

 becuse depend on how u angle the facts u can prove EVERYTHING with statistics.

besids i don't think it's any use to blame each other in this subject, put your energy into prevent and stop it insted!!

07:16 PM Aug 29 2008 |




cats and sugar had brought it all on to the surface, I think.

women know the best for themselves. but women in undevelopment countries didn't have choice to say their rights.

06:35 AM Aug 30 2008 |




ignorant, rude and vulgar way of thinking..what can we do with dirty brains….try to learn to write like Sugar or Khatun…

08:12 AM Aug 30 2008 |