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Domestic violence against women in the West!!




We must notice that such violence, which goes beyond human limits and dimensions, is not exercised by illiterate people who live in the countryside somewhere, nor in the poorest areas. Conversely, such abuse is practiced by slick men like those who appear in Hollywood who are in some cases well educated having high social status. It is exercised against weak women, regardless how fine they may appear to be … after returning to their homes; they become nothing more than slaves under the effect of lash of humility and violence.

We will limit our talk to domestic violence against women in the west, and we will prove by numbers that the humiliated woman is not the one who lives in Afghanistan and wears her face cover. We will illustrate that such woman is not the one from the Arabian Peninsula, who is in fact well protected and honored in a community that calls for her respect. Real degrade and vulgarity is that which makes a woman cheap merchandise just like any other tradable good, and made her subject to attacks and all types of oppression and inequity.

01:36 PM Aug 27 2008 |

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United Kingdom


I admit I find it hard to believe too that there are so many cases of domestic abuse by women..


Does that however also count mothers abusing their children?


"But surely a man would be strong enough to fight back in self defense?  "

I don't think that would hold up well in most courts.

Apart from that in such a situation its better to just walk away than raise a hand against a woman.

09:45 PM May 08 2009 |