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Life Talk!

Why sometimes life is difficult?




Dear all,

I've a question with a non specific response!

Why sometimes life is tough?



05:10 PM Aug 27 2008 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I'm completely agree with "Sugar pie", nothing else… Smile

07:05 PM Aug 29 2008 |




thanx amirlashkari22^^ i'm glad u agree with meSmile

07:34 PM Aug 29 2008 |




Here in México, we have a phrase for this

its truly simply!

"If your problem have a solution, why are you worried?

and… If your problem don´t have a solution, why to be worried?

11:55 PM Aug 29 2008 |



United States

my guess is life is difficult Only when  U  remembering or comparing  the easy life. because we used to have easy life(Mostly). Difficulties come once  we are  getting bore in easy life we start to move to difficult challenge opportunities and we got touch . But remember difficulties give wisdom lesson to get into easier life. So,  I think life is fair enough for this issue.   Hay …Good luck with that!!

05:32 AM Aug 30 2008 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

life is so nice and wonderful but we with our behaviors will mess everything , we have to think and plan for everything so we are not going to face any difficulties insalalh

each and every movement has to be studied before we do it even each and ever word has to be calculated before we say it so we are not going to regret it

06:38 AM Aug 30 2008 |




FrownHello,everyone knows that our life is not always coming up with roses.Right? Our environment and our works,life,study,friends,relatives…including ourselves,all of us are changing~ So nobody knows about tomorrow…Sometimes, any confused,scared appeared in our mind~But if we keep on looking through rose-colored glasses, adjust our bad emotion into optimistic status…All the tough issues can not be problem in our eyes…LaughingWinkSmile

07:38 AM Aug 30 2008 |



it examine us that how strong we are in difficulties. that's why 's it is so difficult sometime.

02:58 PM Aug 30 2008 |




Becoz,really important exams are difficult..

Life is the most important exam. We have to prove us, Show us with best ways, To be able to survive, To earn, To learn, To share!!


So it is really difficult..But try to see another side of life! It is full of Funs! :)

Take out ur glasess and see the rainbrow!

Find a power in urself to succeed the great difficultness! You can't find without searching!

Life is not difficult..We make it difficult..:S Becoz We are so lazy to share, to do good events, to work….


Everyday has a lot of miracles, suprises… We are so selfish..We always think that every suprises have to Be good!

But i saw many bad suprises in my life! and sometimes i sweared myself.. I rebelled to Allah….


Then i learned something…. ! So i will never suppose that all suprises are good!

:) I am strong!    :)

Feel strong urself to live! U r stronger than me!



03:58 PM Aug 30 2008 |

Rahma MD

Rahma MD


Hi Ecofin!

My friend said: That's why it's called "life" 

difficulty and ease come and gone in our life. Just face it!

and one thing don't always force what u want and try to accept the reality.

I know it's easy to say but hard to doTongue out

07:03 AM Sep 04 2008 |



Viet Nam

because of our weakness

07:06 AM Sep 04 2008 |