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Life Talk!

Why sometimes life is difficult?




Dear all,

I've a question with a non specific response!

Why sometimes life is tough?



05:10 PM Aug 27 2008 |

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life is difficult bcus tests are difficult

life is test to see how strong, confident and corageous you are, it is so god knows how far you will reach in life, what you will accomplish and how you will accomplish it! Show the best way to get through difficulties and always have a positive attitude

08:55 PM Dec 08 2010 |



u can't know that there's a light without seeing the darkness.

10:21 PM Dec 08 2010 |




There’s a proverb that goes “Smooth sea don’t make skillful sailors”.

I agree with it, but I’d add that even so you have to make a decision to face the sea when it’s not smooth, and lots of people choose to hide when it happens.

Because the sea is astonishingly wild. We face so many difficulties that wears us out, and still we have to stand still and deal with it and the others that are still to come.

But if you take small amounts of time just to realize how much you´ve grown, then you start to feel better. And I strongly believe that´s the stepping stone for happiness: feel good about yourself.

12:24 PM Nov 02 2013 |