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what you had in AFTARI?




it is the month of Ramdhan. and mostly muslims keeping fast. when we open our fast we eat delicious food and drinks is called aftari. 

so my question to all muslims what u had in yesterday aftari? and what do u plan for today?

05:18 AM Sep 03 2008 |

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Rahma MD

Rahma MD


mmm…yesterday i had 'sate' (pieces of roast meat) and a glass of tea. For today i have plan to buy Fried rice and fried chicken for iftar. My mother usually serves different menu but 2 things that always on the table are rice and tea. How about yours Nadiaa?

05:02 AM Sep 04 2008 |




firstly thanks friend for your repliees.

it is in our routine to start aftar with date. yesterday i had lemon juice n some fruits after that mutton karahi, chapati and rice and one more thing but may be u can't understand but it was yougurt dish.

for today hmmm when i go to home after my work then i'll decide what i have to do.

05:20 AM Sep 04 2008 |




ok good thnx to all for ur reply it means all are enjoying their aftar cooollllll.

yesterday i had date,juice,fruit,samosa,n potato kabab and in meal dal, rice and chapati and tea as well.

05:26 AM Sep 05 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

happy Ramadan to all

spesially to my dear friend hek mer

I miss you.

12:19 PM Sep 05 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I congratulate this month to all moslems we was guest at my grandfather's home last Eftar .

At first we ate porridge with  confection and after that we ate so many delicious foods as the specioal soup of Ardabil (my city) the we cook that with buttermilk or yogurt (and we call that  "doga Ashi" in Azerbaijani) and kabob and  "KuKu" and rice and date and so on

I think my mother will cook "Sabzigorma" tonight  she is the master of cooking and she cook the local cuisines of Azerbayjan skillfully becouse we are from Azerbaijani part of Iran. 

01:10 PM Sep 05 2008 |




Hi dear Firneds 1st Happy Ramdan For all the Persones there, today i had a great Dish for AFTARI the name of my favorite Dish Is CHICKEN SHAHSLIK.

So i want to Enjoy this Dish in AFTARI whish u all the best

05:26 AM Sep 06 2008 |




Hmmm, I see that noone from Algeria participated to this forum, so I must tell about the Algerian food or what we eat in Ramadan at Iftar: well, we start with some dates and milk, we go to do prayer after that we start our iftar, there is always 2 dishs in the algerian table: "chourba"

which is a soup and "bourak"

there is "lham lahlou" too which is delicious and sweet

and that's what we eat after iftar and usually after Tarawih prayer:

hmmm it's delicious Smile

Ramadan moubarak for all of u

11:10 AM Sep 06 2008 |




thanks to all and i think it is very good we know about each other local dishes.

well yesterday i had qeema it is mutton like dish but in very small pieces,chapati,rice and chana chart hmmmmm.

lets see what i have today


06:31 AM Sep 08 2008 |