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about love



One of my good friend told me her story several days ago.
She has a boyfriend. Of course she loves him very much. She knew him when his boyfriend had a seperation with his wife. They have being fallen in love for three and half a year. But now that man told her that he couldn’t marry her. Because his wife never thought to divorce. And he said if my friend want to stay with him, she’d better to prepare for the case that they wouldn’t marry this life. My friend is very painful due to love with him. She doesn’t know how to do. Continue to love or leave? I don’t know yet. Could you give her some thoughts.

04:19 AM Nov 28 2001 |

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better leave  dont destroy other  peoples  life     keep  the love in  your heart   tell  him to love  his wife  heart and  soul

10:37 AM Feb 15 2008 |




agreed with upstairs.

01:35 PM Feb 15 2008 |