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Happy Mid-autumn day......




     "Zhong Qiu Jie", which is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Almost everyone likes to eat mooncakes on that day. Most families have a dinner together to celebrate the festival. A saying goes, "The moon in your hometown is almost always the brightest and roundest". Many people who live far away from homes want to go back to have a family reunion. How happy it is to enjoy the moon cakes while watching the full moon with your family members.


   "Zhong Qiu Jie" probably began as a harvest festival. The festival was later given a mythological flavour with legends of Chang-E, the beautiful lady in the moon.


    According to Chinese mythology, the earth once had 10 suns circling over it. One day, all 10 suns appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. The earth was saved when a strong archer, Hou Yi, succeeded in shooting down 9 of the suns. Yi stole the elixir of life to save the people from his tyrannical rule, but his wife, Chang-E drank it. Thus started the legend of the lady in the moon to whom young Chinese girls would pray at the Mid-Autumn Festival

05:37 AM Sep 09 2008 |

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I only have three days of this holiday but one thousand miles away from my hometown. I am thinking whether to go home or not.

10:35 AM Sep 09 2008 |


becmoonSuper Member!


It sounds very nice.  thank you for sharing with us more on your culture :)

06:50 PM Sep 22 2010 |




This looks fun and I like festivals alsoCool

06:54 PM Sep 22 2010 |




Happy Mid-autumn day…...

i hope every one got wht you need:)

iwansky from paris van java



05:40 AM Sep 23 2010 |