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We need part-time jobs



Hi, I'm Lisa, also a member of www.hellochina.com. if you need a Chinese interpreter or tour guide or something, would you please post a job there and let all of us know? 

We are Chinese students mostly majored in English, French, Spanish or other foreign languages. Our greatest need is to get a part-time job to use what we've learned and help people.

Thank you all! 


04:04 AM Sep 19 2008 |

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ni hao Lisa I'm travelin to China for the Canton fair and plan to stay there for 2-3 weeks. I was lookin' for an attractive full-time companion who can help with business and also be a social companion for some fun after the fair.I'll visit HELLOCHINA and if that's all right with you please contact me.

09:00 AM Sep 19 2008 |




hey mystery.. you seem proud ,but what about what you proud of. about youself? you have no thing old man . you are over age  you  are ganna die as soon as . no need to be snobbish.

you know snobbery doesn't fit you …..you have to feel shy about your self you are the eldest  one in  the website ..


01:29 PM Sep 19 2008 |



thank you so much lisafunny and if we need anything of course we will contact you


wish you always good luck

04:47 PM Sep 19 2008 |



thank you my friends. You are so nice!

Hi alex, hope to meet you at Canton fair. I'm not too attractive though Smile

01:44 AM Sep 20 2008 |