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Life Talk!

Love is Life




I feel that a relation of love (of man & woman)fullfill the gap of life & the life we live of need is empty having no fullfillment at all.We can feel happy & overflowing only out of love.Hence love is the juice of life.We can't feel alive without love.

Although there are other relations of love too but the relation of man & woman is very fullfilling.

What do you feel ?

07:18 PM Sep 22 2008 |

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Love changes the whole spectrum of life,it enlighten beautifies every dimension of life.

03:01 AM Sep 23 2008 |




love between men and women makes life worth living and gives us the opportunity to live in togetherness and to feel heaven on earth.having the capacity to feel it deeply is really living life.

02:29 PM Sep 23 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

Guys .. sorry but i disagree with u !

Love not always can be because of love! you don't have to fall in LOVE to love ur life ! if u have the true persons who really care of u, stand with u time u need and understand u this is the TRUE love and it can be enough… doesn't matter if it was between man and woman …

ehhh ! LOVE sometimes can be the worest ! so be far away from it will make ur life better !! these days u can't find a real and honest person i know not all ppl alike BUT i don't see that this is deserve to even try

 this is my opinion after all ^^


10:59 AM Sep 29 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

the love between woman and man is a part of life , we can't depend on it,because we may can't find it .. in the often one person full in love with other ,his\her life will became hell cuz the other does't gave what she\he want..

we need love cuz we need to satisfy or soul. love of person can gave some of that to the soul . but we need the greatest love to fullfill our life..

11:13 AM Sep 29 2008 |



All sorts of love are important to our lives..though i admit when falling in love with a boy can undoubtably bring me an incrediable feeling that maybe others can not offer. I still insist that without other kind of love ,we can 't be appresent us..

12:03 PM Sep 29 2008 |




love between man n woman is not the greatest love after all.

i can live better without that kind of love rather than being in love coz i dun find that gud lover though. 

03:48 PM Sep 29 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i mean by ( greatest love) is Allah.

05:47 PM Sep 29 2008 |




i don't know how can we ignore love!!!it would be impossible.it's true that love between men and women is not all love,but it's natural and important and no need to deny it.it's essential for both men's and women's blossoming.

t_ya, if you don't find it now ,you may find it later.

10:14 PM Sep 29 2008 |



I agree lilimira. We can't explain love easily. It changes for everyone.

08:37 AM Sep 30 2008 |



My opinion is, that we all can't live without love.

I think it's not just the love between a woman and  man,.. moreover the love in the family, our the love between friends. Sometimes the love between friends is much more important than the love to the partner (is this right in english? We say this so in german..). What I try to say is, if you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend, the love from your friends can make you happy, even after disappointments. After all they create always a smile on your lips. There are so many types of love..

03:11 PM Oct 01 2008 |