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Life Talk!

how much money would you like to make?

Warren G

Warren G


 1) what kind of annual salary would put you in your sweet spot?

 2) what if I told you that I could help you achieve your sweet spot starting now?

 3) if you don't believe me just say "not possible" but if you do, you need to contact me right away…           

                               love you all… ejoy the weekend

01:20 AM Feb 17 2007 |

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How much money would I like to make? I always want to make more money.I believe there are good jobs out there for me to earn double or may be triple from my current salary with less time and effort.But I have no time to seek them.I'm glad if could help me to get one.( I'd pay you a really huge fee !!! )

Do you have any high paying job for me? I'm smart and hard working.I've been working hard to improve my English because I think it would help me to get job done better.I hope to change my job in May this year, so please contact me soon.THKS. 

04:57 AM Apr 16 2007 |

Run Away Student

Saudi Arabia

I don’t care about money
I’ll never run after it
I’m going to be a doctor not for the good salary .. for helping people and be a good member in my society
thank you sir

06:55 PM Jul 19 2007 |



 the enough…! i dont need a lot of money to be happy!

08:08 PM Jul 19 2007 |