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Life Talk!

do u enjoy ur college life?what do u think about it?let's share our feelings




what do  often do in ur free time? what u do wanna best?,,,

go to the movies?go to the library? hanging out?or just be with ur girl/boy friend?

write them down,share it with our friends here…....

11:31 AM Oct 09 2008 |

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I enjoyed  my collage so much. it was one of the best period of time in my life.I spent great moments with my friends. We used to do many things together. We shared unforgettable memories  .

Exploit every minute in your collage now cuz you'd feel sorry for the collage days you wasted without doing sth special. Have fun every now and then, meet your friends, study hard, go to the library and live your life. 

I'm with you Marigold, lucky who is studying in collage!!!    

10:32 PM Feb 16 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

it would be good if were study the way i should i hate books


but some time it's good . and some time bored . 


10:36 PM Feb 16 2009 |