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my grandmam become ill




 yesterday,my cousin called me that my grandmather was in hospital,i was broken-hearted.i  worried about her.i hope i come back home and take care her,but my grangmam and parents don't want  me to come back.they don't affect my study.

now i am trouble about that,who can help me ?


02:04 AM Oct 20 2008 |

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pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

sorry to hear that

insallah she will be just fine ,you can do nothing  for her just  pray for her to be fine and try to concentate in your study because this will make her  and your parents happy for sure if you passed . if she in the hospital i think they are going to take a good care of her

05:26 AM Oct 20 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi pink angel

 I want to say something for u.You can say it advice.

Do u know she is muslim or not?

Iknow that u want to solace her and u don't mean to do that but if she muslim I'm sorry that I noise u and if she don't I want to advice u to takecare about your words


05:38 AM Oct 20 2008 |




I hope your grandmother would get well soon bbbfish. Maybe your family has made the right decision by not bothering you taking care of her. Keeping up with your study would be the best solution for you. Just never stop hoping for the best to happen. Everything’s gonna be ok.

10:13 AM Oct 20 2008 |




hi bbbfish

one aspect more:even biologic you are the future from your grandma…they only think to you and want the best for you.

if she has somebody for help around her it is for them enough.Old people sometimes don't like to show their illness, they want to be healthy in the mind. 

as believer but not Muslim, i don't understand sult@n, his words are for me mystic and dark. the words from pink angel are clear, heartily  and warm.

11:51 AM Oct 20 2008 |




sorry to hear that.i hope she'll get well soon.i have passed by the same situation last week ,but my grandmother died.i miss her,but i'm glad i stayed by her side while she was ill.we want to be with people who we love.so,if you can just visit her in the hospital and return to your study,but if it's impossible,keep asking about her and take care of your study and do your best.she'll be happier to see your success.

12:40 PM Oct 20 2008 |