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Is Communism a good thing or a bad thing?(In a economic way)





Until a few months back I had very bad views on communism. After seeing seeing the preset developments in the global economy I am having second thoughts now.

The reason for changing my minds were –

1) In the present global downturn, Indian banks and financial institutions have weathered the financial storm. This is thanks to the the govt controlled and regulated banking system in India. This has helped absorb the strains.

2) Tata-AIG is an Isurance agency , with AIG having23% stake. The Govt wanted to increase the FDI cap to 50%, the communists being part of the Govt, oppsed it and the "reform"did not happen. If the The reformed had gone on to see the light of day, TATA-AIG would have been in soup.

3) Devlopment in Kerala. Kerala a state in India, were the communists for the first time elected democratically in the world.The social development is really good, has 100% literacy, life expecteancy is 80+ years, has 1024:1000 women to man sex ratio.

4) China – Forget about tall rising buildings, China can show good figures in agricultural sector. many scientific methods have been implemented, and has better land to produce ratio than US.Living standerd of farmers is higher than compared to india.

5) they could bring about job security!!


on the flip side,

Communists are against religion, and can be very opperessive. In india they are natorious for thier "striks"(industrial lock downs). Party officials becomre richer and people in general poorer. 

Now the question are communists  a necessary evil?


This is not about one party repressive  "communist" style functioning that functioned in Russia. 

Please Keep religion off this discussion

Disclaimer :  I am not a communist.


04:15 PM Oct 20 2008 |

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Russian Federation


The concept that communism is evil was invented for the struggle against Soviet Union. It was directed exactly against Russia. If Russia had another social system then that system would be called evil as well. The conception of communism determines basic foundations of society organisation. Realisation of these foundations  is another question. As I think you'd like to talk about planned economical system. Is it good or bad thing? I lived in time of planned economy and now I live in time of market one. Every economy system has their own advantages and disadvantages. And it is difficult to say definitely which is better. I think some kind of mix of that two systems have to be. One thing I'd like to say, having changed the political and economical systems in Russia we have lost a lot of achievements of Soviet society. I think China chose the right way.


07:45 PM Oct 20 2008 |




 I am not a supporter of Communist "rule" , Millions of people have been murdered in russia during soviet rule.(these are from mithrikin archives). There is huge amount of secrecy behind everything. 


I was  born in a planned economy times, lived much of my time in that. TV was only in dreams, Computer only for the rich. Now  I live in a fee market times, atleat i am making a decent money for living now!!

Yes it appears for now that china has chosen the best way, but can it be really termed a real communist state?



I did not understand your question!!Undecided

04:30 PM Oct 21 2008 |




It is not very good for ppl who want to be richer :))

But super for all ppl (I think) :)

At least, better than Capitalism n Emperyalism..

So Viva Communism..

N I believe that one day everyone will be a communist..

it is neccessary to live in peace n equality.


Now we can see the dieing of Capitalism…The huge USA,too, was damaged becoz of private sectors..


This big ecomonical crisis is fault of capitalism..

04:30 PM Oct 21 2008 |




I don't want to be richer than others…

Viva Socialism..

04:31 PM Oct 21 2008 |




 I believe that one day everyone will be a communist..

 Imagin this,

You after studying hard, become a engineer , gets a work in a govt company, you get 500$ for this, 

A sweeper, who has to work from 6-10 in the morning, also gets 500$...

Now what is the motivation for you to become a engineer?


All hell will break loose if every one becomes a communist!!, Kerala state(In india) may have 100% literacy, 80 years life expectancy, but where are jobs in kerala. Most of the eligible people live outside i.e. UAE, Saudi, quatr , rest of india. etc… they don;t have jobs at home, so they migrate….


Model of Scandinavian countries..

Isn't Island a Scandinavian country??? Iceland is bankrupt!!! It is up for sale !! I wish I had enough money, I could have bought it…..




03:17 PM Oct 22 2008 |


United States

To start with, Russia was never a communist country. just because one calls themselves communist does not make it so.the closest thing we have seen to a true communist system is the Kibbutz in Isreal, and  even then it was not a country wide system.

No pure political system works well. It take a mixture of parts of different systems to be effective.

In the US, socialism is adored by many politicians, as long as it is only used to pay for people to go kill other people. Yes, the military is a socialist institution. If one suggests socialism for the sake of helping people the idea is dismissed as socialism without thought to any merits.

Of course the reason that socialism is tolerated in military spending is that capitalist companies make money from war.

I am not anti-capitalist, I just see the need for balance.


09:24 PM Oct 22 2008 |




>I am not a supporter of Communist "rule" ,
>Millions of people have been murdered
>in russia during soviet rule.

are we talking about leninism or stalinism or trotskyism or maoism  or cambodian communism?
I hope we are talking about PURE communism.

the pure communism promote egalitarianism & classless society & common ownership of the means of production and property and … nothing more. exactly, there is no "and". I think is too few to become successfully country wide system. It couldn't work. and it haven't worked in any country.


@ Randyinseattle
>I just see the need for balance

unfortunately we have to wait till power&money finishes their domination.
golden recipe – YES – but not in our lives…



@ konstka

>The concept that communism is evil was
>invented for the struggle against Soviet Union.
>It was directed exactly against Russia.

... no comments

>Russia we have lost a lot of achievements of Soviet society.

what achievements (of course we are talking about achievements based on communism) do You have on mind?

>I think China chose the right way.

hymm, interesting… so tell me please which exactly part of china way are you especially adoring?

10:37 AM Oct 23 2008 |




The concept that communism is evil was invented for the struggle against Soviet Union. It was directed exactly against Russia. If Russia had another social system then that system would be called evil as well.  

Wooo… Pure old Russia… Wooo… 

Model of Scandinavian countries.. i think it will be prevailing.

As an example… As far as I know, Swedes were tired of paying high taxes in order to maintain a bunch of idlers and "asylum seekers"... As a result Socialists are not a rule party there any more…

I don't want to be richer than others… Viva Socialism..

You just want to be as poor as others… Viva Socialism!

Russia. 1917. An old duke is sitting in an arm-chair in his estate. Suddenly he hears a noise outside. He's asking his servant to find out whats going on.

"What is that noise there?", the duke asks after the servant came back.

"A revolution, master", replies he.

"revolution?? and what do those revolutionists fight for??"

"They whant there would be no riches…"

"Hmmm… Strange… And why dont they fight for there would be no poor??"

03:16 PM Oct 23 2008 |




Ppl say that >  A lot of ppl were killed in Russia becoz of Communism..

But look capitalist countries..

Aren't they a murderer? The biggest one is USA


I believe that > One day everyone will be a socialist..!


And i will always work for SOcialism . I always work just for it.

I don't want to be richer than others… or more much poorer than other..


I don't want to live as a millioner or as an African..

I don't want to think what i will eat tomorrow…......!


04:48 PM Oct 23 2008 |




economically speaking, i think both systems have advantages and disadvantages.i think the idea of eliminating private properties is evil.we can have laws to preserve workers' rights and encourage personal efforts to have an independent work and wealth.capitalism is good in the way of letting people free to gain their wealth,but honestly some of it's mechanisms are real robberies.

i agree with randy 'a balance' is needed.extreme political systems can't work well. 

05:14 PM Oct 23 2008 |