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What are the women's right in Islam




In a truely Islamic society women have the following rights in Islam:

1. The right and duty to obtain education.

2. The right to have their own independent property.

3. The right to work to earn money if they need it or want it.

4. Equality of reward for equal deeds.

5. The right to express their opinion and be heard.

6. The right to provisions from the husband for all her needs and more.

7. The right to negotiate marriage terms of her choice.

8. The right to obtain divorce from her husband, even on the grounds that she simply can't stand him. (pls note that God deeply frowns upon divorce as a solution unless there is hardly any other alternative but it does not mean that men have more right to divorce their wives than women do.)

9. The right to keep all her own money (she is not responsible to maintain any relations).

 10. The right to get sexual satisfaction from her husband.

11. custody of their children after divorce.

12. to refuse any marriage that does not please them these are the some

and u can add what ever u want

10:19 AM Oct 21 2008 |

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nice ashly.

these are basic rights.

and you can see that Islam , on the opposite of what is commonly believed in the west, it has freed women.

 as a muslim woman, i believe if we follow islam istructions we women will be fine and our society too.

because you women ,belive it or no, are the basis of any society. you run  and control it.

only being a housewife and a good mother is enough for your society to develop.

so i salute any woman in the world and especially muslim woman. 

10:55 AM Oct 21 2008 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

wonderful topic ashly , thank you very much for your effort

keep going

12:53 PM Oct 21 2008 |




ur welcome always


01:57 PM Oct 21 2008 |




Good to know about it …

But my question is weather it is followed properly? (atleast by majority)

04:19 PM Oct 21 2008 |




wonderful ashly,this is 2nd one i am reading…. realy u r great thank u very much for sharing  .....  keep it up

Best regards

04:57 PM Oct 21 2008 |




I think the best part of it for muslem men is it legalizes poligamy right for muslem men.

07:14 PM Oct 21 2008 |




good job ashley , keep up the good work, Islam is religion that gave the woman the freedom and all the rights that you mantioned but unfortunatly a lot of people muslim or not doesn't know it , that's why I like what you are doing here , you are letting these people to know about it.

so have a nice life and see you  

08:01 PM Oct 21 2008 |





i know 1/2 darkness

12:46 PM Oct 22 2008 |




ha, hakimi, Atleast you admited that all is not well…

According to hinduism, there is no "differential" treatment for men or women, But if you look at todays hindu society, In rural areas ,Women are not treated so well, women are not allowed to work and asked to cover their face!!

In urban areas women are treated much better, 

Technically even killing an ant is a crime, but "female infanticide" is rampant. In states like Bihar,only30% of the women are educated.

Atleast women here are breaking thier shakels, lot less people wear saree on thier head(covering thier faces), Girls are no longer considered as burden and also now looked as bread winners (earners) of the house.

As I have always said, Religion is not what is written in book, Religion is what is followed by the people.

02:59 PM Oct 22 2008 |