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Life Talk!

TRAVEL Where?!




If you'd be travelling? What would be your number 1 destination? Why?


I really really wanted to tour Europe since I was a kid. Spain then France then Belgium then Germany.. Hahaha But I would like to visit Korea, Thailand and Japan too..



03:07 PM Mar 04 2007 |

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My boy's been spectin' to go on a travel to the US… i'd preffer to visit my own country. Mexico is such a big biiiig place full of the most incredible landscapes ever. It doesn't matter if i wanna feel snow coverin' my legs or catch a two-handed-snake (bipes biporus)... I think that we don't have any reason to go out of our countries if we haven't visitted all its corners… but ** (whisper) he's the one with the credit-card :(

06:33 AM Mar 05 2007 |




You're right. No need to go out, but just in case, what other country do you wanna go to?

 Hehe, maybe you can get your own card too. :D

07:50 AM Mar 05 2007 |



Viet Nam

I haven't gone abroad yet. But I really want to visit Japan and France after reading Tottochan_the little girl at the window written by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. They're so great! And there must been wonderful trips!

09:45 AM Mar 05 2007 |