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about cars


United States

“Well, I mean, it convers everything except for the battery, and light bulbs, and brake drums, exhaust system, trim and moldings, upholstery and carpet, paint, tires . . . Well, a short list, you know.”

what are the “brake drum, trim, moldings” about the vehicle? thanks so much!!

07:11 PM Jan 20 2002 |

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I will like to know more vocabulary about cars…..... If someone can chear it with me will be really nice.

12:27 PM Mar 08 2002 |



United States

The brake drums I think are what the brake pads are pressed against when you press on the brake pedal to stop.  The trim and molding I think is like any chrome strips you may have on the outside of the car. Any extras like wood or leather on the dashboard and the inside of the car doors.  I am not a 100% but that is what comes to mind.

02:03 AM Apr 06 2009 |




there are different types of brakes, rope brake, shoe break, disk brake, drum brake etc

Drum brake are usually found in low powered vehicals, specially Motor cycles with lowere CC(100 CC etc).

In drum break, the break shoe sits inside a drum, .when Brake is applied, the Brake wire pulls the brake shoe which make it to contact with the brake drum, hence slowing down the vehicle. 

Trim : Trim is the extra clearance given to a sheet metal. This is a technical definition

Molding :  It is a process of heating a substance to its liquid state and injecting it into metallic dies. This is a technical definition


10:05 AM Apr 06 2009 |



United States

yes but trim and molding in a car is the extra luxery items that make a car oh so nice looking. 

06:31 PM Apr 07 2009 |