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I'm back again....just for awhile

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Hey guys, how did you find English baby without Amr Diab? I think it was better:-).  I did the first one, and I'm ok now, and have about 3 weeks at home, before the second one "the harder one", so, you will see me daily here, in Egypt we say "عمرو جالكو، خبوا عيالكو" and its mean in English  "Amr come, keep homes ".


Thank you guys for your nice wishes and effective prayers.



08:23 AM Nov 18 2008 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

welcome Amr , Ebaby's children will be fineInnocent... inshallah Laughing

09:49 PM Nov 19 2008 |