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What do you think your country stands on international levels?3 good and bad things about your country



Bad 1)need a good amount of work to be done.2)a bit corrupted .3) quite conservative
Good 1)very beautiful,2)most of the people are not racial,3)we are fast developing

04:24 PM Nov 20 2008 |

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Mr. Pmosh

Mr. Pmosh

Dominican Republic

My country needs a lot of work to be done and has a lot of corruption, but at least must of the people are not racist, and it's pretty beautiful.

04:29 PM Nov 20 2008 |




Bit corrupted? he he. hardly, probably, only a bit is not corrupted. If corruption is removed in india, 90% of the problems will be solved.
good things
1. highly flexible , hard working and inteligent people
2. culture
3. secularism democracy
bad things
1 . corruption
2. pseudo secularism
3. castism, religionism, regionism.

05:22 PM Nov 20 2008 |


United States

1. melting-pot of all cultures
2. Start your own business, become successful.
3. not sure

1. over-protected security, police becoming brutal and corrupt.
2. poor healh care system
3. values diminishing, corrupt goverment.


05:34 PM Nov 20 2008 |


Russian Federation

What can i say about my country? I am a patriot, so i can only say good things about it!! But what about you guys? What can YOU say

05:47 PM Nov 20 2008 |




we have all good and bad things like in other states we have also corruption criminality and what nobody will believe we have also very poor people i know one case from one man who starve by hunger he was unable to fill out some government papers for welfare …till last year we have been export world champion but it is possible to starve by hunger in our country….i think the biggest problem in our country is the soulless bureaucracy, for my little farm exists 11000 rules and laws…even the government employees know  not all of their rules when you ask them on  telephone.

good is in our country a  lot! infrastructure,industriously production,good education,women rights,health system when you compare it with other countries,and for me the most important you can live in freedom…you must not have fear from police, military,corrupt politician our free justice system is not connected with the government,protect you as citizen they don't protect the leading class more then the normal citizen and if you are poor the state pay for you a lawyer

10:42 AM Nov 21 2008 |



 Bad: more corrupted. problems with humans rights. Tortures in Jails. We not have freedom of speech. Cenzorship.Most people work nat in their homes. Youth of our country can't realise their ideas. 
 Good: 4 seasons in our country. welcoming,frank people.Amasing architecture.  And many other…

01:07 PM Nov 21 2008 |




bad things:

1) unsteable government

2)economy crysis

3) some kind of racism(not as big as in Russia)

good things:

1)not expensive studying in universities

2) u take some amount of money when u bear a kid

3) many beautiful historical places

4) calm people

5) if u good technical specialist u can easily find a job

08:12 AM Nov 22 2008 |





good heart ppl
heart of the arabic nation and may be the islamic also….
very rich country coz it is stolen since 7000 yrs and still existWink
touristic, wounderful, cheap and modern place
very corrupted government…and build on that every thing bad

12:18 PM Nov 22 2008 |




good and bad things of my country?

there is nothing good

so many bad things

-autocratic and cruel Government

-skyrocketing prices

-no human rights

-no freedom of speech

-brain draining

-no job opportunities

01:49 PM Nov 22 2008 |




Before I add anything, I wanna ask u jinn if there is any difference between racism and castism. Both divide people, one on basis of skin and ethnicity the other on basis of birth. We have so many casts that they even confuse me. And in other countries where blacks try to prove that they are at par with whites and they dont want any special previlages over whites(follow Michelle Obama’s interviews) whereas in India people try to prove they belong to lower castes just to get privilages(Minas vs. Gujjars in Rajasthan).
1.India possesses one of the most vibrant culture and a rich history.
2.One of the largest and productive pool of young brains.
3.A good deal of natural resources yet to be exploited.
1.People are very lazy(including me). In anywhere and you’ll find many youth lingering and gossiping on streets.
2.Corruption is at its level best (transparency international does not know how to conduct surveys).
3.Indians most often dont strike a good balance between their own culture and other(especially Western) cultures. They tend to get more biased towards one or other.

02:44 PM Nov 22 2008 |