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Life Talk!

What makes you feel happy?



Sri Lanka

Do you know what really makes you feel happy? Happiness seems a matter of getting what we want than of how we feel about what we have.


Well, I Wake up in the morning take a deep breath and appreciate the fact I have woken up to another day. For many, the journey ended before I woke up. I do thankful for what I have in life.


Here are some of the things that make me happy

  • Loving my family and being loved
  • Helping my family and others
  • Practicing compassion
  • Making my surrounding laugh
  • Seeing others Happy
  • Meeting up a Friend
  • Reading an inspirational Article
  • Writing a email to my friend and reading from my friend

It's your turn…

10:32 AM Nov 22 2008 |

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When i make progress through my effory ,i feel very happy.i am a normal student ,my aim to be a teacher.but,my situation is very hard. i must study hard .My aim will be gotten through it.

sometimes ,others care for me,i feel happy too.

all in all ,my happiness is very easy!

11:00 AM Nov 22 2008 |



Sri Lanka

it's nice to read…congraulaions and i wish you good luck with your great aim that to become a Teacher.


I wish you every happiness in your life

11:25 AM Nov 22 2008 |




Hello Ilyasma,
There are a lot of small and big things which make me feel happy. But those happiness depend on time, viewpoint and expection of everything in life by each human.

02:59 PM Nov 22 2008 |




it is chaging day by day..


06:57 PM Dec 01 2008 |



United Kingdom

When i need something and i get it, i become happy.

When someone makes me nice surprises i become happy.

When i feel loved by the ones whom i love, i become happy.

07:01 PM Dec 01 2008 |



what does mean aim


08:01 PM Dec 01 2008 |




I don't know what to call this happy or not.


A waitres is loosing her balance and fall someone coffees on my friend head…,and you can imegine how shock and surprise my friend is..After a while looking at his face and his body, me and others…you know what we do…  we broke laughing like crazy, and we could not stop laughing,and our stomach feels like want to get cramp because of it..,because we can't control that funny feelings..Me and my friends doesn't care about anything anymore..we just laughing and laughing until tears get in to our eyes,and everybody in the restourant is looking at us but we just don't care…

03:56 AM Dec 02 2008 |