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Life Talk!



United Arab Emirates

Hi friends,

Just i have a question why the people who are so close to you ,  one day they leave you. Is it nature or what??????

08:20 AM Mar 13 2007 |

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because in fact everypeole even the babies are selfish.İf they think that they need you they feel that they have to be close to you.

01:13 PM Mar 13 2007 |




I'm afraid I do not agree.
I've got a lots of friends who's been my friends for a long time. And I can't say we expect something out of eachother.
Most of them are christiant people, which I know through the church.
And maybe It's easier then, when you're sharing something.

But I know, we all get hurt sometimes. Purhaps because some of us are selfish. But I can't say we all are.

God Bless.

09:03 PM Mar 13 2007 |




 To be a real one.No matter what happened to your friend,you are always stay with them.To be true,it's from you better.

10:56 AM Mar 14 2007 |





Nobody can go away from the one who is soo close even inside the soul. Turn ur face and look back that ur closest person is still waiting . . . .  Frown



05:38 AM Mar 15 2007 |



i agree with u Ulriika ..

05:34 PM Mar 15 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

They leave you !!maby they have thire reasons otherwise they are not the thing you thought .. i dont know really but those people they dont deserve to think about.Cool

Be Happy Smile 


10:40 AM Mar 26 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

woll i should say that every one changes … like you might change some thing about your self and the other person doesnt like that change so they have to leave you its life get real dont be sad that they left you just keep it in mind that who ever leaves you there will be some one else to be a friend with ….

thats how i see it i dont sufer because some one left my life infact ill be happy cause i know that there is going to be some one new to meet…

think of it that way. whene ever your feeling sad about some one…ok trust me..you wont regreat it …

05:59 PM Mar 26 2007 |




   i think life is a forever topic to talk,during every exporid of our life ,our way of life and our mind of life may change,sometimes may even come to the oppsite.

   it usually come to the point that  who we value much finally go away from our side with many reasons,i think it is nature,but i donnot think it is because of people's selfish.for me,it is just a diglist for both u friends and u in the consideration of that both of u get much  priceless things from each other,such as trust \holding and so on.and i think it is enough for us to put them into a deep place in our heart.

08:04 AM Mar 27 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

hi guys,,I always believe that friendship is not how long u've been together,not how much u've given or received,not how many times u've helped each other …its how u value each other..& don't be sad if some people leave u coz maybe God wants us 2 meet a few bad people  before meeting the good ones so that when we finally meet the good ones, we know how to be greatful for that gift :D hopefully u got what I mean dear :) ..

06:47 AM Apr 09 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


It is natural…..................but the person will live in your heart 4ever.

01:55 PM Apr 09 2007 |