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Islam is.....




I have received an email from a muslim friend,which reads as follow,

hello how are you ??

i feel sorry for what happened in india:(

i support u and feel with u 

if the attackers are muslims,,then all muslims feel shame from  them

if the prophet mohammed himself alive,, he will feel shame from


allah bless u friend:D


I feel it is what real Islam is , & I feel proud of such religious humans.




12:40 AM Dec 05 2008 |

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Most of the Indians are of the view to attack Pakistan , even Yoga Guru , Baba Ram Dev has too demanded to kill the 'LeT' workers in their home & he has declared to bear the cost of war himself.

Our govt. is under great pressure from indian citizens to do 'something solid',

what happens overall is inhumanitic. 

01:51 AM Dec 11 2008 |




hi dev,

sometimes i think the people get peace tired.

more then 60 years we have had peace in Germany since yesterday our soldiers allowed outside from UN mission to fight in other countries…official only to catch the Somali sea pirates….

when i was in the age from nasim the people were war tired…every evening you could see unfiltered the cruel of the vietnam war.in the tv news..the citizen didn't follow the politician any longer every body had known how inhuman war is. this napalm victim picture was the symbolic for the real face of war.

03:44 PM Dec 11 2008 |




what i believe is that wise people are not among the polititians nowadays and instead of finding real solutions,they are creating conflicts everywhere.both indian and pakistanee government shoul find a peaceful solution and work toguether against terrorism.i believe india and pakistan is just one country and shallow mindness separated them and now,they still don't understand that it's no need to point  with the finger when you are not able to talk and agree or even disagree.

06:11 PM Dec 11 2008 |




Well to tell you the truth I have never ever have much respect for Ram dev. War at this point would shake the very roots of any relationship with pak. But war feels inevitable. We have right to defence. And btw terrorism is hugely state sponsored in pakistan. Talks… Ha.. Talks really. Non violence does work but not always. I remember somebody commenting on Gandhi that his last words ‘hey Ram’ were exaggerated and that he in fact uttered ‘Haram’. I dont believe such nonsense but that is self explanatory how people are losing faith from Gandhi and his ways. We had been in talks with pakistan ever since we became independent. And the result? Treachery. They started wars one sidedly five times.
More people die every year from such attacks than would die in a direct attack on Pakistan. Both countries have to spend less on infrastr. And education coz they have to spend on military. Pakistani people are good but their govt. Is very immature and has no control over military. That is why I advocate in favor of India annexing Pakistan. Together there will be less to spend on military, pakistanis can have a stabler and more powerful, if not better govt. And btw we are culturally identical.
I know you will condemn me. You have all the rights to do so. But just consider, the 62% of kashmir want to be with India so why the hell Pakistan want Kashmir on ethnic grounds? And there are hugely muslim states like UP here. Tomorrow Pakistan might claim them.

06:42 PM Dec 11 2008 |



Dear Lilimira ,

We have not become intelligent enough to understand & accept the innscence of existence & we contineously disturb the existential peace.

or perhapes it is the existential way of existence,silence is everywhere but we can feel it only after a noise, in the same way peace is very existential but we can feel it & it's importance just after destroying it. We can feel the existential phenominas only in contrast,

that's why there is hot & cold

soft & hard,

& all the existence have two extremes in one dimension.

Nasim, all tyhe wars are fought in the name of peace & we contineously prepare to have war,wheather it serve the purpose of humanity or not but it's the choice of millions of peole that's why it looks the only solutions. But it has no solution at all.

Even people like Mahatma Gandhi  whom we respect most don't have deep understanding. The whole India is suffering only due to the great politcian MAHATMA GANDHI.He was the dullest man & clever politcian, all his ways were anti humanity but we can't see that & I hope you will critcise me well.

He divided the society on many social & religious grounds.

He tried to make us violently non violent throgh 'Satyagreh'.

He just renamed the the names of social backward people 'harijan',

While I have fullrespects towards 'Lal Bahadur Shastri'for his intellect , efforts, & understanding. 


02:39 AM Dec 12 2008 |




hi nasim it is really a problem to solve the problems in your region there is really hate growing…but how will you annexing an State which has a atom bomb….who is the winner by  atom war?the picture is from Hiroshima

06:03 PM Dec 12 2008 |




that's true spontan and to nassim i must say that both governments are not matured enough to find a true solution.so,they'll not be able to solve it either by peace or by war.war can be a solution,but never in this case.i see a mess over there and a war will make just a human disaster and give a good reason to terrorism to be more cruel.it will create the right ground that terrorism needs.when war is a reaction,terrible violence is its response.

i agree with dev and i must say that every separative idea is an insult to humanity.

06:31 PM Dec 12 2008 |




Understandable explanation. But i do not agree with your last opinion."I have no doubt that big nations don't want friends they want terrorists because there is no risk in making them terrorists." You have given the answer already what was happened in Afghanistan. The big nations have also the risk to make terrorists. Where do they act? So they are also concerned. They are used terms which we have to look into. A state can act in the same way, too, but nobody is permitted in public to call such an apparat a terrorist. This is also a double moral.

07:46 PM Dec 12 2008 |




I think that the events of 9/11 were devastating. After the attacks we have seen different reports, each contradicting the others. For instance:

On 11 September 2001, shortly before 10:00 AM (the Washington’s time), Secretary Rumsfeld of Defense voiced concern for the families of injured and killed, directing operation from his command centre at the Pentagon. No mention of the attackers and kinds of attack was made in the statement. The following examples from a book entitled ( Le Pentagate) highlight the fractures in the fabrication.

First on the scene Reuter’s news agency announced that the Pentagon had suffered damage from a helicopter explosion which was laterally corrected by the DoD, saying that a plane was involved.

The security arrangements protecting the Pentagon included:

i. Anti aircrafts defences, five batteries of missiles installed on the top of Pentagon;

ii. Two F-16’s and F-18’s fighter squadrons stationed at Presidential airbase of Saint Andrew.

Questioned On September 13 by the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, was unable to report on the measures taken to intercept the Boeing or any other attack on Pentagon.

“Whereas, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) issued a press release on 14th September, claiming that it only received warning of the hijacking at 9:24 am, and assured that it had immediately ordered two F-16 fighters from the Langley Air Force base in Virginia to intercept the Boeing. But the air force could not locate it.”

Should we believe that US military’s radar system was incapable of locating a Boeing within a zone of only a few miles of radius?

Why did the anti aircraft defense system deployed to protect Pentagon, let the Boeing approach the Pentagon’s inner circle?

Are we really to believe that the armed forces of the United States remained passive during the attacks (spread over nearly two hours)?

Anyone has the answer?

07:51 PM Dec 12 2008 |




I want to fill in the blanks of the topic. Islam is… peace! Islam means peace!

08:01 PM Dec 12 2008 |