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Life Talk!

any one from India can help me plz?



United Arab Emirates

hi guys how are u doing … i gona have a presentation about Gahndi india's presedent before his died so i wanan know some information about him like his personla life his study his marrigae death and presedent and any other interesting information that i could prpose them in my presentation i will be so happy if u could help me at the same time share and gian Knowledge.

01:38 PM Dec 05 2008 |

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name: Mohandas Karamchand gandhi 

People fondly called him  Bapuji – meaning father, hence he is called father of the nation

He is widely known as Mahatma, ie great soul. 

He brought down the mighty british empire with just a small stick which he never rised.

Should read this part though

In South Africa, Gandhi faced discrimination directed at Indians. Initially, he was thrown off a train at Pietermaritzburg, after refusing to move from the first class to a third class coach while holding a valid first class ticket. Traveling further on by stagecoach, he was beaten by a driver for refusing to travel on the foot board to make room for a European passenger

This particular incident changed his life and thinking. He came from a well to do family and had gone to South Africa to practice law as he was a barrister(lawyer)


He is indirectly resposible for end of aparthide in south africa, Civil movement in US, as he was an inspiraion for Nelson Mandela and Martine luther king.


He is a man who is born once in a thousand years, only Bhuddha, vivekananda ,Mohhamad etc. can be compared to this man


"rise against injustice , but in a sane way"



My request is don;t just do this for a presentation, you can even apply what he said in your life as well

04:30 PM Dec 05 2008 |





My name is hend i'm from Tunisia and I'm second year English student at university.This year we study Gandhi's non violence resistance against the coloniser or British empire.Gandhi is known to be the great soul for Indians.I really liked his philosophy because for me he set a good example to show poor and rich countries that they can get ride of the coloniser peacefully.His main principles are SATYAGRAHA (total resistance to tyranny) and Ahimsa(non violence resistance).  Gandhi believed in the idea that violence is useless.

You can look for extra information on:www.Google.com or www.Wikipedia.com 

I hope this will help you.and Good Luck


04:54 PM Dec 05 2008 |




When was Gandhi president of India? You have got some wrong info. The first president of India was Jawaharlal nehru during whose reign he was shot. After his sad demise Nehru expressed his regret in his historical speech starting with “The light has gone out. There is deep darkness around us.”
About him Albert Einstein remarked “Our coming generations will never believe that such a man of flesh and blood ever walked on this earth.”

06:10 PM Dec 05 2008 |



would you like to hear criticism too, I have many points to critcise Mahatma Gandhi.

06:20 PM Dec 05 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

sure mr devinderna shre it with us any thing u have just do it and

shokriya guys for ur replying and responding i got good information from u thx alot shokriya again hh

07:37 AM Dec 07 2008 |




sure dev, I could counter a few of your arguments!!

04:44 PM Dec 07 2008 |



well gandhi was someone who was always sorrounded by woman:))...cos of gandhi  sub-continent is divided..and many great freedom fighter died like bhagat singh and so on cos of gandhi…it would have been much better if he had worked in kitchen area helping woman to cut their vegetable:))

07:10 PM Dec 07 2008 |