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Life Talk!

Traditional Tattoos




The tattoos are very popular in teenagers.. But there are some ppl that don't tatto for being popular.. they do it for traditionals..


They are Kurdish old women and men… they make tattoos with themself.and they say it hurts them.. But again choose doing it.


As some ppl know, i am a Kurdish girl too.. i don't have a traditional tattoo.. But I think have one of them on my face or hand…


Let's see these ppl!



''It  will end after 20 years'' is written in that pic..

Becoz Kurdish teenagers don't make them on their body.. Some ppl think these years are end of traditional tattoos..But i don't think same with them :)













But muslim Kurdish don't chose it always..Becoz in Islamic rules, to have a tattoo is a sin. And a person can't pray with a tattoo on her/his body.


But Expecially Christian, Suryani, Yezidi, Armenian Kurdish make tattoos on their body, expecially hands and face.  they don't open their body.But also they wanna show their tattoos to others..Becoz everyone has a mean. a specila meand or symbol for them.. The face n hands are opened. So tattoos are there!


I really have one of them on my face. But i am muslim. So it will be a problem when i pray.. :((( Ughh but maybe these are not sin ! :( Hope so.


My grandma is an Armenian Kurdish and  has one of them..But it is not so big like these pics..


Heyy..That person is reading this post now. If you are a muslim, plss share ur idea with me? Do u think it is a sin in Islamic rules??


03:53 PM Dec 21 2008 |

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Hmm I didn't decided yet.. :P

but it will be a diffirent geometrical shape :)


05:02 PM Dec 21 2008 |




ok..if you find out that any shape represents sth particular,let me know..and maybe i con have it…:D:D

05:15 PM Dec 21 2008 |




those photos are as taken from algeria!!in some areas here especially among "shaoui people " this kind of tatoo was an ancient tradition and they were seen as something nice.now,most people don't do that.a tatoo is not something that islam recomend to do,but i think that having a tatoo and praying is better that not praying at all. 

06:33 PM Dec 21 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

Islam forbid the things like tato becuase ablution matter
but in the same time there is a aim for this forbidden
but i think tatto depend on tradition things even if you been a muslim or not ..

06:55 PM Dec 21 2008 |