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Life Talk!

Bye bye 2oo8




So it is the end of another year. Fine or crude…it is up to you to decide. In 2007 we ushered this year with so much hopes and in my opinion this didn’t turn out to be so well a year. There were so many bad incidents and also good incidents and a mega event of Olympics in China too. Personally I thought there would be some quiet after Mumbai blasts, but just like the icing, this year, just at the moment of leaving applied some more salt to our existing wounds. Palestine is dripping and flowing with blood. I didn’t comment on any of the forums concerned because when I discuss the plights of Iraqis or Palestinians I become rather sentimental. Don’t tkae me the wrong way. BTW I started this topic just to see what you felt about this year. Good, bad, ugly whatever your feelings are about this year, express them here.

07:19 AM Dec 31 2008 |

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I don't know how to express my feeling.I couldn't forget the 5.12 earthquake ,because I lost my countrymen,and I couldn't forget the Olmpics because It's the first time for our country to hold the Olmpics.

I hope 2009 year would be a good year ,there is no natural disasters,no war,no unemployment,no crime in the world .

08:10 AM Dec 31 2008 |

Fly fish

Fly fish


today is the last day of this year. to tell the truth i feel very bad,i can't find myself and always rush into a depression. i want to be what i would be,but it seems hard. tonight my friends and i have a together party.we will talk about the past and the future. just like last year.

09:42 AM Dec 31 2008 |



The same goes for me, fly fish.

I'm sitting here alone, enclosed in my room. It's not locked or something, though.

It's just I'm not able to make use of the outside.

It's meaningless to me. So I will be all alone on todays evening, wondering wheather my live will change for good .. or will it stay dull like it has ever been ?

I don't look out into the world, with any wishes or hopes. Lastly, you can't change what happend and what will happen, because we are just a little particle in myriad of particles. Especially I can't do anything, not even end my own misery.

10:29 AM Dec 31 2008 |




Doitsu, you must have heard this many times before but I will repeat Why are you so pessimistic towards life. Even physically challenged people struggle to live a repeatable life then why are you so dull towards life.
Agreed that human life is not more than a particle of dust in this world but if you know it is so worthless then why spend time in repenting. C’mon we all had been hit by this economic meltdown.

11:48 AM Dec 31 2008 |