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Life Talk!

to ebabies:DON'T BE CHEATED HERE!!



TO all ebabies:

how are you ebabies? hope you are all fine and enjoy  your new year.


but,i am not fine here,i am in a rage—-i was cheated!!!


some days ago,i received an email here in englishbaby. someone from SENEGAL,whoes ID is goodlove20,said she want to make friends with me,and gave me her email address. so i sent her one. then she replied and began our contract. after two emails,she told me that she is in a refugee camp in senegal,her parents had died for some reason.  and she said that her father had $550 million in STANDARD CHARTERED BANK UK,and she is the next kin.she has her father's death certificate and something which can prove that she can get the money.but she is in trouble,she said she need my help. so i did!! she gave me the bank's email address and asked me to tell them what she wanted to say. at first,i was puzzled that how can she trust a person she had never met ?  but she said that if anyone in her situation will do so. then i think that if that's true,and on one helps her,that's really very hopeless for her. so i sent the email to the bank. and it replied. and said that they need three thing, one of them is that they need a witness who  is a native lawyer in senegal.  i   told her that. and she gave me a email address of an lawyer,let me to contact. i did so. and they replied that they need my information.


i am a little puzzled and wandered that whether i am helping the right person who is the real CYNTHIA GOBAH,and whether there is such a bank in the UK,whether there is a refugee camp in senegal,whether there is such a lawyer ? what can i  do if i am helping to creat a crime? so i kept an eye. i came to englishbaby. i asked someone who is in the UK that if the bank is there. and asked some people who is senegalnese that if the refugee camp exist.  besides,i search the internet to see something about senegal,but there is no useful information except traveling… those kind ebabied replied me. the results shocked me. there is a bank in the UK,but the email addresses are fake. and there is no such a place called the refugee camp in the senegal!!!


then i sent to her an email(actually i want to do so at first),and said that i want to see the picture of her ID card.  till  now,no reply…


see how foolish i am!!! one of my friends once said that i am a person who has the confidence not to be cheated,but always to be cheated…i denied,but know i think  i am….


the so named Cynthia Gobah:

i don't know who are you,i dont know your real   name ,and i also think that the picture you sent to me is also fake. i  hope you can stop!! you cannot use people's sympth to cheat them.!!


and ebabies:

do NOT trust anyone so easily, you may be cheated!!!

09:34 AM Dec 31 2008 |

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here i want to thank people who help me: Aaron_in_Korea from USA and Bachirname from Senegal


thank you,wish  you good luck and happy new year!

09:36 AM Dec 31 2008 |



Mh, I heard about thant kind of scam, especially from africa.

A nurse from the USA fell for another trick and transfered about 400 million US-Dollar to them, who always told her more and more lies to get money. Of course its totaly ridiculous to transfer such an amount, be this happend over about 2 or more years. They told her, that, somehow they've got a lot of money, but need money to transfer it to somewhere else. I don't know the exact story, but it was like this. Why would you need money to transfer some, you already have? Anyway, she promised her a big piece of the cake, if she transfers money to them and so she did. Over the time she practically knew that the whole thing was made up, but clinched to the lost hope, she would get money out of this someday. Over the time she got in dept with more and more credits, even took a 2nd hypothec on her car and so on…

It's really sad, that people take benefit of gentle persons. That way trust into people is destroyed, which leaves others, who are in need behind.

10:12 AM Dec 31 2008 |



Thank you for warning . This is just a scam, I have heard about it .  I don't reply to any one unless  I know.

11:05 AM Dec 31 2008 |




Man, you ought to have checked before. I receive such emails directly in my email mailbox coz I have given my mail id here. But I just dont reply.Here are some signs how to know.
1.Most often these emails will be all capitalized.
2.Most relate the same story of death of close relative and help to recover huge amounts in bank.
3.These tend to come from yahoo mail, mostly yahoo.fr and claim to have come from Africa.
4.Usually include this line “cast or creed or distance dont matter but love does.”
how to recognize
just reply any crap to the sender like “wgmjdjgt” etc and still you would get the same reply as you would have got by sending a meaningful mail.

11:39 AM Dec 31 2008 |



hehe :):)

i received at least 10 emails like that

and actually 2 from that user :P


well i dont fall in that kind of things :)

but be carefull next time ok?;)

12:40 PM Dec 31 2008 |




I received 2 in last 2 daysLaughing

12:51 PM Dec 31 2008 |




hey just ignore such messages. just shift delete such mails!!

03:32 PM Dec 31 2008 |




I also recive such mails, but after replying one or two mails I judged their intentions , so I don't respond to them & just delete them.

06:08 PM Dec 31 2008 |




I really thank you ~I also received the e-mail!

The story is alike!

And the place is same!

I think she changed her name again! 

you're my salvation!


07:04 PM Dec 31 2008 |




I have been contact more than once by some people like that , but I've never replyied back ,

thanks for the warning though , now I won't even think of helping them


10:18 PM Dec 31 2008 |