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Life Talk!

to ebabies:DON'T BE CHEATED HERE!!



TO all ebabies:

how are you ebabies? hope you are all fine and enjoy  your new year.


but,i am not fine here,i am in a rage—-i was cheated!!!


some days ago,i received an email here in englishbaby. someone from SENEGAL,whoes ID is goodlove20,said she want to make friends with me,and gave me her email address. so i sent her one. then she replied and began our contract. after two emails,she told me that she is in a refugee camp in senegal,her parents had died for some reason.  and she said that her father had $550 million in STANDARD CHARTERED BANK UK,and she is the next kin.she has her father's death certificate and something which can prove that she can get the money.but she is in trouble,she said she need my help. so i did!! she gave me the bank's email address and asked me to tell them what she wanted to say. at first,i was puzzled that how can she trust a person she had never met ?  but she said that if anyone in her situation will do so. then i think that if that's true,and on one helps her,that's really very hopeless for her. so i sent the email to the bank. and it replied. and said that they need three thing, one of them is that they need a witness who  is a native lawyer in senegal.  i   told her that. and she gave me a email address of an lawyer,let me to contact. i did so. and they replied that they need my information.


i am a little puzzled and wandered that whether i am helping the right person who is the real CYNTHIA GOBAH,and whether there is such a bank in the UK,whether there is a refugee camp in senegal,whether there is such a lawyer ? what can i  do if i am helping to creat a crime? so i kept an eye. i came to englishbaby. i asked someone who is in the UK that if the bank is there. and asked some people who is senegalnese that if the refugee camp exist.  besides,i search the internet to see something about senegal,but there is no useful information except traveling… those kind ebabied replied me. the results shocked me. there is a bank in the UK,but the email addresses are fake. and there is no such a place called the refugee camp in the senegal!!!


then i sent to her an email(actually i want to do so at first),and said that i want to see the picture of her ID card.  till  now,no reply…


see how foolish i am!!! one of my friends once said that i am a person who has the confidence not to be cheated,but always to be cheated…i denied,but know i think  i am….


the so named Cynthia Gobah:

i don't know who are you,i dont know your real   name ,and i also think that the picture you sent to me is also fake. i  hope you can stop!! you cannot use people's sympth to cheat them.!!


and ebabies:

do NOT trust anyone so easily, you may be cheated!!!

09:34 AM Dec 31 2008 |

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thank you all


it seems that i am the only person who had been cheated by them….Cry

07:18 AM Jan 01 2009 |




i have the same problem,how can they did so?

07:20 AM Jan 01 2009 |


United States

Hi Louisa Happy,

when you get emails such as the one you described, take some of the lines from the email and google them. you will find many hits that indicate they are scams. I hope you did not send any money. People who do not know you never send you emails offering oyu large sums of money to help them. When they ask for money up front it is always a scam. An attempt to steal from you.

Feel free to email me anytime you get a suspicious email and you want to kow about it. I work in computer security.



10:03 PM Jan 05 2009 |


United States

It probably is not a woman who sent it. It probably is a man posing as a woman.

email addresses are quite often easy to find. I get these kinds of scams directly to my ebaby account.

04:22 PM Jan 13 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

I was once fooled by this also… ~ but I did suspect that she is saying the truth… I honestly was going to help her because I felt sympathy but my heart did alarm me at that time so, I just ignored her, the next day I find out this kind of people called scam !~ how did I find out? Well I heard about it on the TV. So I was really shocked by this ! and I was wondering why she would spend the whole week writing a letter like this ?!~ But then I deduced that 400 million dollars was the reason …. She mentioned this in her followed Email… And  I was like OH PLEASE !~    


However, good that you have learned a lesson and I wish you have erudite to not trust people easily even friends ~! not all of them are worth to be trusted.. Trust only come when you know the person by heart.       

08:44 PM Jan 13 2009 |



thanks allSmile


Randy:don't worry,i didn't send her my money,i am just a poor student. she wanted my personal information,and i didn't give it to her.  but i wander that if i give it to her,could she get the money from my account? how can she?

04:35 AM Jan 19 2009 |




yes, i got the same emails…she's so….i don't know what to say.

thank godness we didn't be cheated to the end…

04:38 AM Jan 19 2009 |





i am fine now with my family for the winter holiday and the coming spring festival. thamk you. i won't do such a thing now.:)

04:41 AM Jan 19 2009 |


United States

You owuld only lose money if you were tricked into sending it, or if you provided enough bank account and personal information. Usually the people who lose money are tricked into sending money because they believe they will get a lot of money. The scam works because of greed.


08:18 AM Jan 19 2009 |




Louisa Happy…if you want to continue happy…just don't replay them…if you do..you might end up in trouble…me? she offered me in transfering their money to my account…,and not just that..she also offered me  to be merried with her..hows that sound..a fortune?? hahaha….just don't make somebody visit us at the mental hospital…Smile 

08:40 AM Jan 19 2009 |